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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Don't Get It......

Ok, so we taped at an event recently...high school age kids....kind of a pep rally of sorts. So, the athletes all come out & the cheerleaders are all there & then music starts & everyone is dancing & I notice a few things. And I just don't get it.... First, the young men....what's the DEAL with the pants? They are either A) the miles too large saggy baggy kind, showing the boxers sticking out, or they're B) extremely skin tight, also worn low, but they're GIRLS jeans! WTF? Next, the dancing....these young men...what is UP with this default crotch grab thing? Practically every young dude had hold of his junk & they're all loping around......Maybe I'm "officially" old.....But I so didn't care for it. Not one bit thankyouverymuch. WTF EVAH!

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