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Saturday, November 7, 2020

I'm So Tired

 Exhausted.  Worn out.  

The 2020 Election is over after 3 1/2 long days of counting votes.  Joe Biden is the President-Elect.  I am relieved. Mr. Trump is going to continue to litigate his way to keeping the Presidency.  I don't believe it will work.  

He has released this statement:

Halloween 2020
Mr. President, do you really believe that all of the other GOP candidates who WON in this election, on the very SAME ballot, that their votes are invalid?  Do you really want to cast doubt on ALL of the winning GOP candidates in the various congressional & state elections?  Have you not even a shred of dignity you'd like to preserve?  Please, just wish the President-Elect congratulations and look forward to moving on.   
I look forward to finally being able to enjoy a little peace of mind.

Friday, October 2, 2020

I'm Empty And Aching...

 And I don't know why.  

When I look back on the holidays last year, there was so much hope.  So much promise for 2020.  We rang in the new year with so much excitement.

September 2020

Now look.  Just look.  This year has been one major shitshow.  It was bad enough to have a pandemic.  But to also have an election year go so scary, crazy badly.  And losing RBG.  Bless her.  I know she hung in there as long as she could.  

Did you watch that first debate between Trump and Biden?  I did.  What a shitshow.  By the end of it I felt physically exhaused and emotionally empty. 

Not gonna lie.  I.  Am.  Terrified.  The way this election is going and the way this new Supreme Court Justice is going to get super-duper fasttracked on the Court.

Regardless of which side you are on politically, if you have any, and I do mean ANY preexisting condition in your health, you should be, at the very least, mildly frightened too.  Whether or not you are insured through the Affordable Care Act, or privately, or through your place of employment, coverage for those preexisting conditons is very likely to go bye-bye.  (The only work around would be if you developed a condition while insured and remain insured with no lapse of coverage.)

If you've had a COVID-19 diagnosis, you now have a preexisting condition.

I remember being privately insured during an era when preexisting conditions were not covered.  Any and everything to do with my thyroid was completely my responsibility.  It was expensive and it was awful.  I have enjoyed having my thyroid meds covered and anything that may arise regarding my cancer will also be covered.  For now, at least.  

Scary, scary times these be.  What in the world has happened to our country?  I don't even recognize it anymore.  Where is logic?  Where is decorum?  I'm being told to prepare.  Be ready for civil war.  Civil unrest.  

I know Mr. Trump keeps preaching that he will keep coverage for preexisting conditions.  While he's actively engaged in a lawsuit, as you read these words, to completely overturn the Affordable Care Act?  Believe him?  I've got some real estate here in my bag.  

I just can't even with this guy.

October kicks off the holidy season for us.  We have already mailed in our Absentee Ballots.  We will find ways to entertain ourselves, socially distanced, of course.  We will go out and find beauty to look at. 

I will still be entertained by the simplest of things.  I will still enjoy taking photos of food and flowers.  I will still run outside and look at the moon, stars and planets.  

I've gone to look for America.

**EDIT** It is now being reported that the President & First Lady are now positive for COVID-19.  My immediate thought was that it's not even true.  That it's just another distraction tactic to get out of another debate and/or to garner sympathy votes.  Isn't that a sad state of affairs, when we don't believe our President?

**EDIT #2**  It is now being reported that the president has been taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment of COVID-19. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

If You Choose Not To Decide...

 You still have made a choice. 

Please, y'all.  We can't afford to sit this one out.  This election is very likely the most important one we've seen in this lifetime.  History has already been made with this election, and it's not even Election Day yet.  

So, please participate.  Please.

V O T E!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

I Wear This ****ing Mask Because...

I didn't love my last haircut.  The stylist that did it is aware that I was, shall I say, less than happy.  My regular person wasn't available.  I was desperate.  My last haircut was near the end of January.  Had I known a pandemic was coming, I would have waited for my regular stylist.  Now, I'm growing out a cut that I don't love.  


June 2020
Because there's not enough mask wearing in my area.  Even though my salon has imposed some major COVID-19 restrictions and are wearing masks, I am still uncomfortable going inside anywhere for any extended period of time.  This includes nail salons, restaurants, grocery stores...  Pretty much anywhere I can't mask up and zip zap.  In and out.  

Anyway, people, please stop making mask wearing a political hot button.  I am SO tired of it.  I don't appreciate the major eye-rolling I get when a non mask wearing person sees me wearing one.  When they do that, they get the stink eye right back.  No, I don't glare at non mask wearers.  I just do my best to stay at least 6 feet away. 

But really people.  Wearing a mask shows that you care and respect your fellow human.  It's NOT an infringement on your rights.  It no more violates your rights than the requrement of wearing pants in public does.  Are you against seatbelts?  Are you against wearing a helmet on a motorcycle?  Why masks then?  

And now a rant.  To the person who wanted to stand way too close to my husband in a checkout line recently, ignoring the markers on the floor....  Imma need you to take 3 giant steps backward, so that you can get a good running start and take a giant leap into fucking yourself.  *ahem*

Sorry bout that.

I apologize if this offends you.  If so, you cannot handle me.  

Actually, no. I don't apologize.  Sorry not sorry. 

Just sayin'. 

Doesn't take a stable genius to figure this out.