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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation - Part 1: I Just Ran.......

Finally took a vacation & flew back home to see the family.  First time since right before my diagnosis.  Last time I went home, I went with the lump in the boobie.  Yep. I took my tumor on vacation.  And half of that trip was messed up because the airline lost our bags for 3 days of the 5 day trip.  

Soooooo, this time, we packed light, followed the airline's guidelines for carry on bags, & planned to carry everything on...NO CHECKING bags.  So you can just imagine how much I totally freaked when, as we're approaching the plane at the end of the jetway, the 2 airline agents start checking all bags.  And it was all like hurry hurry....because even as we stood there in the jetway, with about 50 people behind us, all with carry on bags, the flight was about 35 minutes past the scheduled departure time.  So yeah, I started freaking out.  Tried to reason with the female agent that I canNOT be separated from my bag.  Got medical stuff in it, ya know? Plus, last time, y'all lost it! Nope.  MUST check it - all the way through to final destination.  (We had a short layover/plane change.) All out of room in the overhead storage.  So then as O is trying to open our duffel to remove my medication, this crazy airline agent lady is all swattin his hand away & trying to tag the bags, without even having looked at our itinerary or boarding passes to even know where the fuck we're going!!

We were all like, Oh HELL no! This ain't EVEN happening.  And I just ran.  O grabbed the bags & followed, but I pretty much just ran back down the jetway.  "Let me offa here NOW! I am NOT gettin on this plane!!"  Of course, at the end of the jetway, the door is closed.  And I stop & look at it.  And think.  Oh shit.  What if the door is locked?  Or what if an alarm sounds when I open it?  Fuck it!  I pushed on it & it opened (thankfully).  Dunno if an alarm sounded at all, but all I knew was, we were outta there, WITH our bags.  

SO, maybe someone can explain this to me.  If the airline states everyone is allowed ONE carry on bag that fits overhead, & ONE personal item that fits under the seat in front of you, how the FUCK are they already out of room when there was still 50 some odd people yet to board?  I mean, clearly some people carried on more than the airlines allow per person. They were even insisting we check our duffel bag, which is usually our only carry on.  Never EVER been told we needed to check that.  And isn't it these airline people's responsibility to make sure everyone follows the carry on rules?  No way was I lettin them check the bags, especially the way they were going about it.   OMG they would've been lost for sure. 

Anyway, so we lost a day of our trip.  Better than our bags being lost for most of the trip. Next, Vacation - Part 2: Up On The Roof.

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Mom said...

But at least you did finally get look FABULOUS! And we DID have a great time didn't we? And we will have many, many more.
I love your writings....Mom