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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tech Support

Ok, so got more 'splainin to do .  

I need to answer a question I'm getting lately from folks attempting to subscribe to this blog....they put their email address in the subscription box & then nuttin....& they're all like "What the...??" So here's what I think is happening....when you subscribe, you should receive a Confirmation Email.  In that email is a link that you MUST click on to complete the subscription. Now, I get everybody's paranoia about clickin links in emails, but this one is LEGIT! Promise! And I also promise that you will not suddenly be on the receiving end of all kinds of spam, crap emails & Viagra ads. Seriously. So, go on ahead & click that link! ;)

Now, for those who say, "I never even GOT the Confirmation Email! What the...??!" First thought that comes to mind is: Have you checked in your Spam folder? I know....just said no spam, but until you say it's OK, some peoples security filters will send it straight to a spam or junk email folder. I find this especially common for those who use AOL.

I'm also hearing that some folks can't figure out how to leave a comment here on the blog...Just scroll all the way to the bottom of the post you wanna comment on & & click Comments.  And no, you don't have to have a Google or Blog account to comment.  You can choose the Name/URL option.  

And then somebody recently asked me why they can't see the photos on the blog that comes to their phone.  I don't know.  But I know that if you go to it through your phone's browser, you can see everything.  Different mobile carriers do things differently from each other.

Ok, I know most people reading this knew all of this already, but these questions have been comin at me quite a bit recently & just wanted to offer that Tech Support for ya. (Ok, I also just wanted an excuse to do a blog that includes the video clip at the bottom! LOL!)

Thanks so much for visiting/commenting/subscribing/following. 

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