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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Just Want To Celebrate...

View from Dr V's
Another day of Liiiiiife!!!  It's official.  All the oncology visits are done!  The mammo was clear & I can now have the Diagnostic Mammos annually instead of every 6 months.  My Oncologist, Dr W says he'll see me in 6 months! He didn't run labs.  I didn't insist.  I know I was gonna, but I figure he's the expert.  The surgeon, Dr V says the boobies feel good. (Not like that! LOL!) And I had my annual physical & got the results of my labs (also why I didn't worry bout Dr W not runnin them) & I still have beautiful blood! 
Everything in the normal range!

So NOW I will celebrate my Three Year NED-ness! YAY!

We put out our Halloween deco last weekend.  I love Halloween! So fun.  I think my favorite deco is our breakfast table this year. But the fireplace mantle came out pretty cool too.

 Let's see, what else...our video biz has been busy, which is good.  So we've been doin shoots here & there, some crazy early in the mornin...& meetin some really neat people.  O & I recently were talkin about how it really does seem like life is finally gettin back to normal....whatever normal is.  And now that I've got the confirmation that I'm still doin good from all the docs... I hope I can begin to live like the bc bullshit is part of my longer my present.  I'm sure gonna try! (I know, I know....we've heard this all before, but I will this time...Really.  No REALLY! lol!)
And I don't have to see another doctor of any kind for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!
That's why I'm tellin you, I just want to celebrate....Yeah, yeah!


Paula said...

Reading a good one now. Sorry I am so bad about checking in here. I'm excited for you. I remember when I was turned loose. But keep in mind that you may feel moments( or days as in my case) of anxiety when you pass those regular check up days. I went through spells where I thought my Doctors has abandoned me to die alone. Don't get as crazy as I did. LOL And about Aunt Flo or whatever. I had two episodes of bleeding. I can't remember when the first one happened but the last one was about 2 years post finishing of chemo. Keep in mind that nobody did any hormone level checks. They said I would go through menopause and that was it. I called and talked to my Chemo Dr since he was the only one who really talked to me and he said to have my gyn check it out but he thought it was just that, a break through. I was glad to see the end of the periods but didn't like those hot flashes. I still have them to some degree. Usually I can handle it with a little fanning. Now, I'm old so nobody wonders what the hell is wrong with that woman. LOL

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Paula! I'm still a couple of years from bein totally turned loose, but not seein the onc for 6 months is DEF like graduating or somethin. Thanks for readin & commentin n stuff! =)

Karen Van Horn said...

Just so ya know, I read all your posts. I don't comment most times, cuz I'm not sure what to say. I'm really happy for you. I believe your positive attitude has a lot to do with your "success". Congrats!

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks so much Karen!