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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Isn't It Ironic?

Oh irony!  I just love it sometimes.  Lately I'm seeing a few posts on Facebook about how terrible/awful/evil social networking sites are.  About how people are losing grip on real life and spending so much time on these sites that they have become terrible/awful/evil people.  Wow. "Evil"?? Really?  I even read a thread where someone said money is no longer the root of all evil, but social networking sites are. Then a looooooong thread of posts followed discussing how sick it makes one person to see Likes on a post less than 30 seconds after posting it and that this person just has no use for Facebook and there are so many better things they would be and are doing instead of sitting on Facebook. 

Except: YOU ARE POSTING THIS ON FACEBOOK! And looking at the thread, you've come back to it several times and have spent quite a bit of time there discussing how you refuse to spend time there. Oh irony! 

Yep.  I love Facebook.  Especially when it's used the way it was intended.  I don't love how some people use it as a means to hurt others feelings, or make someone feel less than or post "dirty laundry", or in any hurtful way.  But that's not a reflection of social networking, or Facebook...rather, I think it speaks to the quality of person who use these sites in this manner.  

And what did y'all think about Mark Zuckerberg's gift to users on Facebook's Tenth Birthday? That "Look Back" video...I loved it.  Genius!  I also loved that it was editible...cause...well, y'know....

Oh I'm getting off topic here....Irony.  How often do you see irony and just have to laugh? Like that rude, aggressive driver...whipping in and out of traffic, who just blew past me, honked the horn and flipped me off.  Back bumper of her car has a Jesus fish and three bumper stickers with Bible verses and an ad for (I guess) the church she attends.  

A little too ironic...and yeah I really do think...


Karen Ann said...

Ah yes, that rude, aggressive driver, that cuts in front of you, to get to the red light 5 seconds faster than you!

LunaTechChick said...

Ha ha Karen Ann! That's pretty much what happened, allowing me to get such a good look at all the stickers on her bumper! Hope all is well with you! =)