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Monday, March 23, 2015

Fall On Your Knees...

I did. I totally did. And it hurt.

A couple of weeks ago, it had been a cold, rainy, just dreary day. We were expecting sleet and snow. And the sleet was just starting, the sun was setting, and our stupid recycling bin was still out on the curb. So, I decided I'd just trot out there real quick and grab it and put it back in the garage. Easy peasy.

So I slide on these ballet flat shoes and head out into the ran/sleet mixture. O says "Don't run!" I like running and jogging, like across the parking lot, or up the stairs in an auditorium. It makes me feel good and boosts my confidence in my health. Sick people don't run, or jog, or trot. Right? So, whenever I get the chance, I trot, at the very least.

But anyway, I give him the ol "pssh, whatever" and proceed to run down our curved driveway. And then it happened. My right ankle twisted and the slick bottomed ballet flat shoes slipped right out from under me.  

My knees hit the pavement first, followed by the bottom of my hands, right above the wrists. Which hurt like a bitch. And why the fuck does everything hurt so much more when you're freezing fucking cold? Anyway, from there, realizing that my wrists weren't even gonna stop the momentum, I just balled up and ended up doing a perfect barrel roll down the driveway. At which point, without missing a beat, I jumped right up, did a fast walk to the recycling bin, retrieved it, and fast walked it back to the garage where O was standing there, shaking his head. "I told you not to run!" he says... "Oh shut up you!"

It happened so fast. Like, not even 2 seconds. But as it was happening, it seemed like it was in slow motion. And I just KNEW every single damn neighbor just so happened to be looking out of their windows and laughing their asses off. 

Oh good lord it was embarrassing. The only thing missing were the neighbors holding up score cards. Suzie Q gives the maneuver an 8.4, John Q a 7.6, Billy Bob a 9.5...

My hands didn't suffer any damage, but my knees were scraped to shit. Hello peroxide and Neosporin. And a big goddamn bandage on both knees. Only after the bandages were on did I realize I would soon, very soon, regret the fact that I just don't care to shave my legs in the winter. (TMI. Oh well. lol!)

2 weeks later, still ouchy
Here we are, two weeks later and my knees still hurt like a sonofabitch if I have to get down on one, like to tie a shoe. I had occasion to have to sit on a hard floor the other day. No biggie, until I put my left knee down to get up. Nope. That was a baaaaaad idea. 

But in a positive light, having osteopenia, I feel like this was a good test of my bones. Didn't break anything. Only injured my pride.

Livin la vida Luna... LOLOLOL!
Our tiny snowman with holly berry eyes =)


eileen@womaninthehat said...

Take it easy!

LunaTechChick said...

Right? Just don't say I should listen to! ;) xx