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Saturday, September 10, 2016

It Ain't Me, Babe.

Well, seems I'm still in a mood.  As Pinktober approaches, and I'm already seeing the world is awash with the shade of Pepto Bismol....makes me need a dose, actually. Pretty sure September is supposed to be teal, orange, green, blue...pretty much any color other than pink. 

Anyway, just a brief note, in case some of my newer readers haven't figured it out yet....I have come to despise the pink bullshit of breast cancer. Sick of it being made to look like a damn party. And I have blogged this thing to death. And probably gonna blog on it some more. 

And please don't try to tell me that I need to lighten up, and all this money is being raised...Puh-lease! Just unfollow... *Bye Felicia*

So, just know.. I am anti pink...if you came here looking for inspirational memes and posts full of "fight like a girl" and other powdery puffy pink puss-ass posts, you totally came to the wrong place...You won't see that shit here. No, no, no.

It Ain't Me, Babe.


Eileen@womaninthehat said...

Nope. Me neither.

LunaTechChick said...


Nancy's Point said...

I'm sick of breast cancer being made to look like a damn party too. Hate that. Always have. I'm actually not anti-pink though. I still love pink. Well, maybe not so much in October. But as you mentioned, it's still September!

LunaTechChick said...

I should probably clarify....I am anti pink ribbon. And stuff with the pink ribbon on it.... The color itself is fine with me...just not when it's used for "awareness".... And yeah... It's September! Stop being such a bully bc awareness people!! GAWD!!

Rebecca said...

I am not into pink either (although my blog does have some). I guess I don't mind the color but I don't appreciate how the BC culture has developed. I talk to patients who are into the pink culture and I care for them but I don't participate. We are all in acceptance of our differences and try to focus on the support aspect of things. I guess our BC community is parallel to our current society as far as 'politics' go. I just wish we could come to a mutual understanding and one that can help achieve some progress. I am not ready for Oct. especially after losing a friend. I'll do my best to manage. xo

LunaTechChick said...

So sorry for your loss really is so hard to lose a friend due to any cause, but those who've gone through the bc with us, similar diagnosis dates...just makes it all the more difficult, for me anyway. Agreed, I don't have issue with the color pink itself, but just the whole money making machine of it. It's marketing to sell merchandise & so VERY little being raised for RESEARCH!!!
Big hugs to you from Texas xx

Kathi said...

Is it over yet??? :(

LunaTechChick said...

Ugh....Can't get over with soon enough for me! xx