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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aaaah, Freak Out!

Yep.  I've had a bit of a  Freak Out.  Ok, more like a major melt down.  Sure did.  Monday, (the day AFTER the last blog was written, but same day most people saw it) I woke up with my gimpy left boobie lookin all red & inflamed.  Felt like heat was radiating out of it too.  And the redness was very well defined from the scar all the way around, encompassing the whole boob.  So yeah, I freaked out.  Naturally, my first thought was OMG, so now here we go with Inflammatory Breast Cancer??? OMGOMGOMG!!!!  

But no.  Thankfully.  THANKFULLY NOT!!!  But, as a result of this little scare...I've already seen the surgeon, Dr V.  Kinda doin things backwards now.  Usually it's mammo first, then Dr V.  But with this little development, I kinda wanted to get it looked at ASAP.  So I got to see him yesterday.  Of course, when I got up yesterday, I could see the offending boob had gone totally back to normal, but went ahead with the appointment.  He took a look.  Doesn't see any problems.  Scar feels fine.  So you'd think that would give me a bit more confidence goin into my mammo tomorrow.  HA! Yeah, right!  Anyway, he said it's likely that steroid shot I got Sunday for my stupid upper respiratory issues may have caused it.  I learned that apparently, since I had radiation to that area, that skin & tissue will never again be "normal"...& can be affected by things that go into my body or possibly even some physical activity.  Between the shot & the hard core boom operatin I've been doin...appears that's what happened.  And this mornin, I'm happy to report, "Ol Lefty" continues to appear normal.

So, mammo tomorrow.  I'm still nervous.  But maybe not quite as much.  Thanks, Dr V!!! =)


Paula said...

Well, good grief. I have not been very good at keeping up with you. I have no excuses except it's gardening time, my house is a mess, my yard is really a mud pit since the septic work and the hubby is making me crazy with his storm shelter building and his terrible knee. He needed it replaced like a year ago but keeps putting it off and making me nuts. I am no longer the compassionate one that I used to be. LOL If i ever was. So I am ready to kill him. So enough of my pitiful excuses. I honestly had not heard that this sort of thing could happen. Creepy. I'm with you, I would have panicked. I do know that I never sweat in that area and my boob seems to get littler every year. Or the other one grows. :( Take care of yourself and stop hurting your head. LOL I promise I will check in better.

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Paula! No worries! I've been keepin up with all your activities on Facebook, so I know you've had a bunch goin on. =) But thanks for checkin out the blog & commentin here. And I'm jealous of your storm shelter. I sooooo wish we had one. Not lookin forward to spring storm season around here. Nope!