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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Getting Better All The Time...

Yep...I have to admit....I'm doin better at these doctor appointments. Went to my mammo appointment.  And it was all good.  Six months from now I'll get both boobies mammo'd & then if that still looks good, then I'll get to go annual Diagnostic Mammos.  And I was very calm.  Ok, more sick with this stupid ass sinus infection to really even think about anything else.  Except this...since only one boobie was mammo'd, shouldn't that mammo be Half Price? Lol!

And yesterday's sonogram appointment wrapped up this latest flurry of doctors, scans, mammos & stuff.  And again I was calm...actually spent the whole time talkin to Dr D about what I could do to get rid of this damn sickness! the sono happened.  Tech & Dr D agreed everything looks "stable"....same as last time. And now I get a reprieve from medical stuff for a couple of months, until I get to see Dr W at my regular 3 month follow up at his new place in May.  I'm already on his books & everything.

So, I was successful in my New Year's Resolution....I did not show up at any appointment all freakin out & boo-hooin & stuff....not even a little bit. 

And today, I think I can tell my sinus issues may be on the mend.  I hesitate to say that's gettin better all the time...cause that's what I thought for a day to two a week, started takin a new strong antibiotic yesterday (Tuesday)...we'll see. 

And I think I'm gonna close this boring post here.  This blog, it appears, is one thing that is NOT gettin better all the time...lately. 

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