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Monday, July 16, 2012

There Must Be Fifty Ways....

Or should that be Fifty SHADES...?

Ok, so this Fifty Shades trilogy of books.  Apparently  most females have read them.  I really wasn't all that interested, as I have never been a fan of readin fiction.  I've always felt that, if it didn't really happen, who cares?! BUT, after havin ALL my female friends after me to READ THE BOOKS, & seein it discussed on pretty much every news & talk show on TV, I finally downloaded the first book into the Kindle.  And I read it. 

Now I can see why it's all the big shizz right now, but haven't there been trashy sex novels being written for, like, ever?  With pictures of Fabio in an intimate embrace with some flowing haired, big busted chickie?

Anyway...I've read the first one.  Haven't downloaded the second one yet.  I'm not all in a rush to learn what happens next.  Maybe if the book had better writing....(Note to the's called a Thesaurus.  Get one.) But then again, women aren't reading it for the literary genius of it either. LOL!  It's also being referred to as "Mommy Porn".  Yep. And grey neckties are just flying off the shelves, along with the books. Even some resorts & hotels have introduced Fifty Shades packages...."Oh my..."    

It's a nice story.  Fun read. 

I have to share an exchange I saw on Facebook about it.  A lady asked a (married) man if he liked Fifty Shades of Grey.  Here is his response: "Terribly written, but seems to work magic on married women, so Yes! I like it very much!" Hahahahahaaaaaa! 

And this concludes my "current events" post for today.  *Looks around for where I left my Kindle*


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