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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posted Oct 17, 2010 For the Times, They Are A-Changin...

For the Times, They Are A-Changin...

Posted Oct 17, 2010 9:22pm
Yikes, I haven't posted an update in a long time. Guess that means these be different times, bein all done with treatment and all!

Sooooooooo.....when I wake up in the mornin & look in the mirror, I see Bob Dylan lookin back at me. Yep, my bedhead looks like Bob Dylan's hairdo....or Un-do. AND, at night, when I remove the headband that holds my hair back so I can wash my face, I get Kramer hair. *Serenity Now!*  I'm still stuck in the "Headband Phase", cause I don't think I prefer how it looks flat ironed.
Hair Regrowth After Chemo - Headband Phase, Oct 13, 2010
 I see that pic and hear the jingle "Activiaaaaaaaaaa". Ugh. Yeah, kinda like a cross between Jaimie Lee Curtis & Liza Minnelli.
Hair Regrowth After Chemo - Activiaaaaaaaaaaa!
 And if I don't do anything at all to it, it's just awful. Wavy over here, curly over there, straight and flat on top....But at least it is growin. I'm just SO impatient with the speed of growth. Seriously considerin extensions when I have enough hair to pull it off.

Anywaaaaaaaay, nothin much really to report. Went in for the port flush. Sat down, port accessed, flushed, needle removed, bandaged & I was outta there. It's weird only goin in every 6 weeks. Feels like I'm all done...and I basically am done. Just takin Tamoxifen. Very little side effects so far. I've heard that possibly means that I'm not metabolizing the drug & therefor not gettin benefit from it. Dr W suggests staying on it, as the jury is still out on if that is even the case for "non-metabolizin" people. So I'll continue takin it as long as I don't get any of the bad or dangerous side effects. Kinda makes me feel more confident, that I'm still "in treatment" while takin it. Can't get bc again while on it, right?

Oh, I changed PCPs & saw my new doc. He did a CBC & metabolic panel (?) and tested Vitamin D levels and said it all looks good. Course I sorta knew that would be the case, as I've been having CBCs done every 3 - 6 weeks for over a year now.

Yes, October is bc awareness month. The shade of Pepto Bismol graces everything. I get that there are some good organizations that do raise money for research and stuff. But I think that the majority of pink ribbon stuff that you see, especially during October, is only aimed at separating you from your money. So check to see if the pink ribbon stuff you're buying contributes to a legitimate organization, and how much is contributed.

What else....attended a Pink Out pep rally at the high school last week. Saw a sign on the gym wall the kids made. Said "Save Second Base ;)" Cracked me up! The cheerleaders and A-Team gave us, the bc ladies, nice gifts.

And I'm studying to get my Property and Casualty Insurance license. Yeah, I knew I'd regret letting my Multi Line Agent's license expire! But looks like I'm goin back to work in the Insurance biz. And it will be great too cause I'm goin back to where I used to be an agent. Will be a very easy transition. And it's only gonna be part time for now. But first things first. Gotta pass the state exam. And I'm goin through this book and realizing how much I have forgotten. And hopin the chemo brain doesn't interfere with my ability to retain/learn stuff. Or pass the exam. And yeah, it's a struggle studyin this stuff. Insurance material is some dry readin, folks! I'd like to get this done quickly, but looks like it's gonna take a bit longer than I had anticipated.

So yeah, being able to go weeks and weeks without a doctor's appointment of some variety, plus lookin and feelin more and more like myself...yep....the times, they are a-changin.....

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