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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Doncha just love a long weekend?  We sure do.  Especially after the week we've had.  Not gonna go into a bunch of details here, but let's just say, I'm ready to just relax & not think about certain stuff for awhile.  So, in honor of Memorial Day, I thought I'd share a video O & I produced for Amy Douglas.  We were so excited & honored to do this video for her.  And I always say this, when I share this video around: Regardless of your feelings about the war/our military actions, & whether or not you think our men & women in military service should or should not be over there, they are there.  I thought Amy wrote a really great song reminding us there are other "heros" we should remember.  Not just on Memorial Day & Fourth of July. 

So yeah, even though I'm lookin forward to a long weekend & barbecue & stuff, I still try to remember the meanings of the holidays we get.

BTS Hero at Home 2008

And just for fun, here's a Behind the Scenes pic of me helping with the video shoot.  I'm trying to reflect light onto her while she sings for the camera.  This location/outfit didn't make it into the video though.

So anyway, hope everyone has a nice weekend.  =)


Karen Ann said...

Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing.
Karen Ann

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks for checkin it out Karen Ann! =)