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Sunday, May 15, 2011

*Insert Witty Title Here*

Yeah, been needin to do a "real" update for awhile.  And while I don't think I'm the greatest writer in the world, I just haven't felt very creative lately, even though there's been lots goin on to blog about.  So I'll just put it out there...the what's what with us lately.

First, Dr W said the blood looked fine.  And I finally learned what the tests he orders are, once & for all.  And the one I was most nervous about, isn't even being done.  So there.  No need to be skeered of the Oncologist check up appointment anymore.  It's the chest X-Ray I can now have the freak out over.  Which I'll need to get done before I see Dr W again in August.  Yep.  So every 6 months, for I dunno how long, I get the chest X-Ray & hope it remains clear. 

He also wanted to discuss genetic testing with me.  You know, to see if I test positive for the BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes.  I have mixed feelings about doing this.  I get that, since I have had breast cancer, it might be a good idea to get the test done.  A positive result would indicate that I'm at an increased risk of getting it again, or worse, getting ovarian cancer.  So then I could take steps to lessen that risk...double mastectomy, ovaries removed. But even then, it's not a 100% guarantee that I won't have to deal with cancer ever again.  Also, a positive result is not a 100% guarantee that I WILL get cancer again.  And then there's the family to consider.  A positive result would then behoove the women-folk in my family to undergo testing as well.  On the flip side, a negative result is not a 100% guarantee that I will not get cancer ever again.  

Soooooooooooooo, what to do, what to do?  I'm kinda leaning toward not doing it.  I'm thinking that, if the gene mutation was in my family, with all the women that are in my family, I really think there would be a suspicion by now.  But seeing as how none of these awesome women in my family have even had so much as a cancer scare, I seriously doubt the gene is there.  But then again, I did get breast cancer, with no family history of it.  So maybe I do have the gene.  I mean, can ya see how I'm goin round & round with this?  Other things....can I deal with the emotional stress if I do the test, come up positive for the gene, but opt to not do preventative surgery? Can I deal with more surgery?  Am I ready to say goodbye to my (for the moment) healthy boob-and-a-half & ovaries? Eh, I put a call in to my surgeon, Dr V, to see what he thinks.  Hope we can have a discussion about this soon.  Dr W wants me to do it I think, as apparently there are some guidelines that indicate people under 50, who have had a diagnosis, should be tested.  Lovely. 

Ok, next topic is my hair regrowth.  I'm about ready to get an honest-to-god HAIRDO cut. But the one criteria is: I must still be able to get a little ponytail.  

These are 17 months from last chemo. 
Last weekend, we went to an IMAX theater.  Those are SO fun.  Even though I get a bit of vertigo when I'm in there, it's still loads of fun.  We went to see the movie "Tornado Alley".  And I was cracking up that it was narrated by Bill Paxton!  Love that.  Anyway, it's impossible to get a good pic of what it's like inside an IMAX.  So these will just have to do. 

And here is a nice pic of part of a rainbow I took with my cell phone  after a very stormy afternoon.  
 And so, I think we're all caught up for the moment.  Oh, also, I apologize subscribers, for the weirdo notification emails you've gotten recently.  Blogger has been having some issues.  I think they've got it all fixed now.  So, thanks for not stopping your subscriptions.


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