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Monday, November 28, 2011

REALLY?! A Rant......

Good gawd! Some people are just SO RUDE!!! And I just have to rant cause I just couldn't believe this rudeness!!  

Ok, so I heard that one of my very favorite restaurants, Chipotle, started offerin brown rice as a choice.  They've always only offered white rice.  So I get zero rice & order the salad bowl.  But this more healthful brown rice option made me SO very happy! And we were kinda turkey'd out from Thanksgiving, so O suggested we grab a Chipotle & get out & about for a bit.  I was all over that like white (or brown) on rice! ( I mean, I probably haven't had rice in my Chipotle bowl in years.  So off we went.

Here's the thing about Chipotle's assembly line style...usually very busy & seating is limited.  Music is loud & unique.  Just a great fun place to eat some really great food!  But not exactly a place you'd lounge around in for AGES after you've finished eating.  And ESPECIALLY not with an infant in tow....And VERY ESPECIALLY when you can see there's a line out the door & clearly most of these people will have NO PLACE TO SIT.  But that's what we saw when we got there....

So we walk in...line isn't terrible...yet...All the good tables are taken, only a couple of high tops available.  I hate a high top.  Anyway, there's this family (I guess) who are well finished with their food. So we figure (hope) they'll be gone by the time we need someplace to sit.  They were takin up 2 four top tables, but at 1 of those was just the Mom (I guess) with the infant. Other table had young adult lookin people all in their Sunday finest...suit & tie, dresses, head wear...clearly they had been to church earlier...I guessed, since it was Sunday afternoon...

So I'm thinkin....surely they aren't just hangin out....And luckily I found a regular two top table for us, but everything else was full.  And everybody in line was like watchin these people just sittin there, takin mobile phone pictures of each other, woman cooin with the of the young adults puts their head down on the table like she was gonna take a frickin nap or somethin....And O & I are watchin & just can't believe it.  The line is almost out the door at this point, most tables are full...all the good seats are taken. (Thanks to these people!) And I'm all like REALLY?!! How fuckin RUDE can you be??  Can't they see that like EVERYBODY is watchin them? See, this place is designed for you to go through the line, sit down & eat, & leave...which is what MOST people do. Cause there's no comfy booths, no soft dinner music, no wait's not that kind of place.  Now, if it's totally dead in there....fine.  But crazy ass busy, tons of people in line, very limited seating??  And you & your gussied up group are gonna just sit there.  REALLY?? 

We finished our food & they still showed no signs of gettin it together to leave or anything.  So as we're gatherin up stuff to take to the trash, I'm all like "Yeah, let's GO since we're FINISHED & FREE UP this table so OTHER PEOPLE can SIT DOWN & eat!!" O was crackin up...I was just like "GAWD!!"

We never saw them leave....we even sat in the car several minutes while I reapplied my lip gloss....I really expected to see them leave but they didn't.  I dunno what most of the people in the line did...I guess they had to wait for other (normal) people to finish eating & leave. 

Am I the one with the problem?  Maybe you just had to be there....but I could never do that.  I've never seen that before...I eat here pretty frequently with my friend...& we don't do that.

*end rant*

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