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Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Excuse Me Forgetting.....

Yeah, some stuff I forgot to mention...

First: I don't work at the insurance office anymore.  I haven't since the 1st of October.  Well, actually mid September when I took some time off to deal with that flurry of medical & to help O with some big stuff in our video biz.  This time last year I was studyin to pass the state exam to get my license.  And now I'm back to full time with our video company.  And it's fine.  Nobody's mad at anybody.  The insurance biz around there is just too slow at the moment to justify my "experimental" position, so s'all good.  We're all still buds.  And I still pop by from time to time for "Mexican Food Wednesday" or "Asian Food Friday".  =)

Also, that latest member of the insurance office to have to join the "cancer club"....he's gonna be good.  Had a very small colon cancer.  Had it removed in surgery.  Does not require any further treatment.

And my appointment I just had with my oncologist, Dr W.  Was a bit stressful, but turned out good.  It was another one of those times where he was runnin behind & I was waitin in the exam room for like, by the time he came in I was totally about to freak out.  But it all looked fine.  Get the chest X-ray before I see him again in February.

And finally...chemo brain.  It's still an issue.  Not terrible, but I've become terribly forgetful.  Like, I'm askin people to tell me stuff they've already told me. Forgettin to do stuff I say I'm gonna do....(especially hate that one, cause I'm known to do what I say I'll do.) So, yeah...I'm learning that I need to write down things that are important.  Pretty much have started to write everything down. 

Ok, I guess that pretty much catches up anything left hangin out there.

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