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Friday, November 23, 2012

What Are Words For...

When no one listens any more....

Until I drop the F-Bomb anyway.  Jeez.  Lately I've been seein some people givin other people shit about their use of dirty words.  One lady is even sayin that she's gonna unfriend anybody on Facebook who uses the F-Bomb in a status update.

*Braces self for the fuckin unfriending*

Ok, here's the deal.  I cuss.  I cuss a lot.  And the word fuck is among my favorite words.  I also have learned some new cusses from a friend on's one - twatwaffle.  In a sentance: Donald Trump is an utter & complete twatwaffle.  I fuckin love that! LOL!

Anyway....just had to put it on out there.  I cuss.  I'm mindful not to do it when around children & also when in the company of people I know would be offended. 

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