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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Money....So They Say....

Is the root of all evil Tooooodaaaay.

Yep.  We fell victim to a piece of shit, bottom feedin, thievin asshole.  Apparently my debit card was swiped on a machine that had a skimmer on it.  Luckily, thanks to the Text Notification service provided by our bank, we were able to report the fraudulent activity & shut down the transaction immediately.  It went down like this:

Sittin in a restaurant, orderin what turned out to be some of the worst food we've ever been served (yes, the food drama continues...but that's another post for another time....).

O:  Have you been doin some shoe shoppin?
Me: Uh, nope.
O: I just got a notification of the debit card bein used for over $200 at Payless....
Me: Fuckin shit! You need to call the bank NOW! NOW NOW NOW!!!!! Good gawd!

Twohundred dollars worth of shoes at Payless is a bunch of damn shoes.  And this person thought themselves to be oh so clever.  Ordered the shoes online...charged came out of Kansas....was set to ship for pickup at a store in New York.  But the charge never made it past the Authorization process & was never even posted.  So, take that, dumbass-theivin-assface!

This, among SO many other things, we are thankful for.

But that was just one of a bit of a flurry of bad luck stuff we had to deal with in the last several days.  Started with getting a Notice of Violation from our HOA.  Apparently our fence must be restained.  And, as I type this, O is outside stainin the fence.  Later that day, our engine light in the truck came on.  We're all like, REALLY?! Must be Mercury sure is.

And then there was the frantic day where O was on a day long shoot & shit started hittin the fan with a project we're hopin is gonna be a VERY good thing for us & our wresting show people.  Again, another post, for another time.

What else....Thanksgiving is approaching.  Turkey anxiety has been handled.  I have a lovely 15 pound bird in the fridge.  Now to deal with the squash anxiety....will handle that tomorrow. 

2 yrs, 11 mos post chemo
And regrowth update time....Two years & eleven months of hair growin has resulted in this: 

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Paula said...

I have a 17 pound bird still in the freezer and a 10 pound or so ham in the fridge so yes that anxiety is over. Last year I waited too long and couldn't get a big enough turkey so by the time this gang ate and we had a sandwich there was nothing left for tetrazini( where in the hell did my spell checker go on Google?) So this year I got one marginally big enough. I have 5 boys/men coming and they are monster eaters. What is the squash anxiety? I don't have that. LOL But I don't do squash at Thanksgiving. We have sweet potato anxiety here but since we moved away from the daughter-in-law we don't have it anymore. She always volunteered to bring the sweet potato cassarole and although that was so very nice ans sweet of her, we didn't like her recipe. I had a lot of orange juice? in it and to use, meaning the other son, Dh and me, didn't like that tart flavor. To us if it's sweet potato, it's sweet. LOL So now they drive up here and I do the cooking, so no more tart sweet potatoes. She is not coming this year anyway. Her father died recently so she doesn't want to leave her mother alone all weekend. Or she doesn't want to come because last year she sat on her ass and drank all the Coke and ate all the caramel corn while her Dh and I did for those kids. Until my Dh finally announced that I was exhausted and would some other people help out. LOL So there you go. My boys are coming and bringing the grandkids. She doesn't like to cook anyway and my boys do so we will have a grand time. God,I sound like a terrible Mother in law. I'm not really but Girl, carry your own weight around here. I'm done again. You are going to take me off your allowed comments soon.

LunaTechChick said...

Never Paula! I love your comments! Squash anxiety is when I am nervous that I will not be able to find enough squash for my super awesome squash casserole. Hope the farmers market has a bunch. :)
Thanks so much for readin & commentin. xx