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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sowing The Seeds....

I grow my own.  Yep.  Sprouts.  I've always loved sprouts on sandwiches, wraps, salads, but since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, I've become especially fond of broccoli sprouts.  Apparently, the broccoli sprout does have some cancer fighting properties.  And tastes good too. I found these packaged "Salad Blend" sprouts next to the Broccoli Sprouts in the produce section of the store...tried em on a sandwich & just totally fell in love with them. But it's really hit or miss findin these sprouts.  So some wonderful online friends told me I should just grow my own.  Sprouts. ;) 

Hmmmmmm....I don't grow nuttin.  I even kill silk plants.  But, I researched online & everything I read said it's fun & easy to grow your own sprouts.  So I ordered a sprouter & the seeds & successfully grew my own Salad Blend of Broccoli, Radish & Clover Sprouts.  I couldn't believe it.  They actually came out great.

Next time I'm gonna grow the "Sandwich Blend" which is just the Broccoli & the Radish together.  Then also a batch of just Broccoli.

It really is fun & easy! And from seed to eatin, it only takes bout 5 - 6 days.  This is why I also think it would be a fun activity for kids.  Because you have to "deal" with your sprouts twice a day, & every time you deal with them, they're different, bigger, almost growin right before your eyes.

Anyway, if'n yer interested, here's where I got everything I needed to grown my own.  Sprouts.  LOL.  Sprout People.  And no, I'm not gettin anything for sharin this info here.  These wonderful sprout folks don't even know I exist.  I just love their product & the sprouts keep comin out so great. 

In other news....yesterday I got an eyeful outside my window.  The birds n the bees kinda eyeful.  Two little birdies were like, totally doin it, (yes, IT) right there in our flowerbed.  All out in the open & everything.  I was all like "Aaaack, Biiiiiiiiiirrrrdddsssss!! Get a NEST!" LMAO!  Aaahhh spring.  Tis the season. 
They were just sowin the seeds of luuuuuuv

*Corniness disclaimer:  It is well known by those who have known me for more than a year, that I do tend to the cheesy & sometimes full on corniness.  Thank you for not unsubscribing.  LOL.

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Sandra Davis said...

This is great..The sprouts look amazing..I might have to try this!