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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Beautiful People

When a celebrity gets breast cancer....

Some celebs, who go through treatment in the public eye, make it look so easy... Which is easier to do with a team of stylists, perfect lighting, the money and the stuff that money can buy (personal trainers, chefs, etc)... Just wanted to put my thoughts about that out there.

I've been thinking about this topic for awhile.  Every time a celebrity gets bc, and then goes public about it, it brings lots of attention and opinion. I remember back when the whole Angelina Jolie thing broke.  I said my piece about it on my Facebook page and was totally flamed by other bc people, trying to educate me. Some didn't even appear to realize that I'm a bc person myself.  So it is with great trepidation that I dare to go there again...

But here I go.

This popped up in my news feed this week.

It's attached to an article from AARP.

For whatever reason, these two are now gonna teach us all lessons in beating cancer, and even curing or preventing it??  Really? They are now, not just singers, but also medical doctors?  

Looking at the above picture, I see their first couple of comments seem to contradict each other.... SC says "You don't say 'I did this, and that's why I got cancer'..." while ME says "This was of my own doing, and I take responsibility..." 

Well, which is it?

And this business of turning on or off your BRCA gene mutation....WHAT????? Genes can be turned on and off? Like a light switch? Or an organic veggie grinding smoothie machine? 

And making sure you remain in a Zen-state will keep cancer from cropping up or coming back? Really?

"And if "beating it" were as simple as only eating organic, consuming tons of kale and blueberries, chowing down on lentils while burning patchouli incense and singing "Kum Ba Yah" around a fire pit, then surely info on this would take bc treatment more that way, oncologists would prescribe it & proclaim the elusive cure has been found, and no more with the "slash / poison / burn" treatment.  Ya know?" ~LunaTechChick

And yes, early detection is essential, but it's not a cure. Yes, a mammogram can find cancer, but it can also find other, weirdo, non life threatening things in there, too...and the mammo itself isn't what saved your life, if you actually DO beat bc...which leads back to the whole 30% discussion...

Near the end of the article, they say their bc was "a gift".  I know some others who feel that way too.  I am not one of those people.  I'm still so damn pissed off that it happened to me in the first place. And that's another rant for another time....

What's not shown on the the photo, but is talked about in the article is the fact that they both did use some tried and true MEDICAL TREATMENTS.  Surgery, ME did chemo.  THAT is what helped y'all "beat cancer".  If... two cents....celebrities' voices are powerful.  Their words and actions carry so much weight with their fans. I think they have a responsibility to be careful how they "do" their cancer when they do it in the public eye. It just bothers me when, a celebrity cancer person starts speaking publicly like they are some sort of medical professional, or are now the expert on cancer prevention/treatment/cure.  

Y'all are singers, actors, and entertainers.  Not medical doctors.  What works and is right for you is not necessarily right for someone else. 


Anonymous said...

Right on! I think their advice is just as ridiculous as their insight.
Laurie R

Paula said...

Yeah, what you said. I hate when the celebrities get sick, it makes the rest of us look so unattractive.

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Laurie! Yeah, they should stick to singing & leave the medical expertise to the doctors. Thanks for commenting!

LunaTechChick said...

Yeah Paula, if we could all have makeup artists & all that soft lighting, we weould look just as radiant bald on the magazine cover. ;)

Nancy's Point said...

Well said. I was going to post on this too, but sometimes it just makes me weary trying to respond to this garbage. So thank you! I thought SC's comments were okay, but ME's - she was way out of line. And the title of the article is off, too, because implying you've beaten cancer is tricky at best. And don't even get me started on that cancer is a gift thing... Great post!

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks Nancy! I don't blog on every single thing either, especially with the celeb stuff. But this was just on my nerves for some reason. I agree, SC seems ok, but ME...ugh. I appreciate that the article, at the very least, shares about the actual medical treatments they both had. But this thinking that you somehow caused the cancer pisses me off.