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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am SO over this stupid weather.  WHY does it have to get so damn cold?! Ice covering everything. It's fuckin 19 degrees!  Supposed to be 10 degrees in the morning & get to a high of 22! TWENTY TWO?? For a high temp?! Hate this! I get that this to people in, say....North Dakota, this would be considered....brisk.  Yeah.  But I'm not in ND.  Where I am, this ain't normal.  

Soooooo, got all outside pipes & spigots covered, faucets drippin, cabinets with plumbing on outside walls open.  Heat in the house just runs & runs....should I switch it over to the E-heat?  What to do, what to do....Brrrrrrrr!

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