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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pushin My Buttons...

Yep, if it has a button to push, apparently I'll break it.  Started with the button on my electric toothbrush.  Doesn't always work anymore.  And it's not recommended to take the thing out of yer mouth while it's spinning.  Unless you wanna clean up the far flung toothpaste & spit & shit.  

Next was the trackball on my BlackBerry.  You gotta push it to "click" on stuff.  Yeah, it no pushy no more.  =(

And finally, the button to turn the alarm on/off on our alarm clock.  Stuck in the ON position.  Untill I stabbed it with something to try to pop it out.  Now it works, but makes such LOUD clickety click sounds.  Ugh! 

*Shakes fist at push button things*

Better keep that "That Was Easy" button away from me!

*End Rant*

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