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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As Promised....

Ok, so as promised, here are some Hair Regrowth After Chemo pics. 
I took these yesterday.  Yes, that's my lovely compression sleeve on my left arm. Chemo curl seems to be hangin in.

Today, after having lunch, I looked out the back door & saw this little bird had found him some lunchie munchies on our back porch.  Seems an earthworm got caught in the freeze & when the sun came out & thawed stuff, this little bird scored!
 In the first pic, the bird has just discovered the worm.  After he enjoyed it, he just kinda sat there for a few minutes, enjoyin the sun, I guess.  That's the second pic.  I dunno why I felt like gettin pics of this.  And this little bird wasn't the only one glad to see some sunshine today.  Looks like the roads are gonna be fine tomorrow, so off to Dr W's I go!

Wish me luck!

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