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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back To Life, Back To Reality....

Yes, all good things must come to an end.  We sure did enjoy our vacation.  And so what's been goin on during the couple of weeks it took me to get my Vacation Series all blogged out?  OMG.  Ever heard the expression "too much reality"?  Yeah.  It actually started the day before we left on vacation, with air conditioner issues resulting in an (expensive) after hours service call.

Upon return from vacation, we find the garbage disposal is leaking.  Yep.  Water just streaming out of the bottom.  We knew it was goin out.  And had been wanting to replace the sink for awhile anyway, so 1st day back & we're doin sink/disposal tear out/install.  Luckily, O has some plumbing experience & knows how to do all this.  And a fine job too.  Looks great.

Couple of days later, on the way home from a shoot....late at night.  Ran a skunk over.  OMG.  There was NO avoiding it.  Like he pulled the Geico squirrel commercial know, where they wait till just the right second to run right out in front of the car.  Talk about stink.  Instantaneous gawd awful stink.  And since it's after midnight, we just went home.  Probably shouldn't have parked in the garage, but did anyway.  Yeah.  Stunk up the garage, & the laundry room.

First thing the next morning, after a major car wash, complete with undercarriage spray & under the hood sprayin, still stinky.  But we quickly got it under control.  Let me brag about a couple of great products.  First:  Zero Odor.  This stuff is awesome.  Knocked down the skunk smell 100%.  This is great great stuff.  If it can handle skunk smell, you KNOW it can handle most regular household or cooking odors.  Yeah.  Love this stuff.  And for good measure, we got some of these Odor Absorbing Bags & put one in the trunk & one inside the car, where they remain still.  Sorry, no pic of those.  But they look like mesh bags with little light color rocks inside.  I've used them for years in closets & stuff.  Great great great!  Planning on takin them out of the car in a day or two & see what happens.

And the heat.  Jeez, we just can't catch a break.  Just makes everything so difficult.  Don't wanna turn on any cooking appliance.  And there's no end in sight.  Yay.

And we continue to deal with a bit of a stressful situation...& I don't want to be bloggin about all that just yet.  But yeah, more reality.

Finally, welcome new subscribers! *waves* I hope you enjoy my blog.  You'll read a lot about my hair issues, my breast cancer stuff, & my medical appointment freak outs.   And just general randomosity.  (Is that even a word?)

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