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Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 Years Today

So today is a bit of a milestone for me.  Two years ago today, the awesome Dr V performed the second lumpectomy & got the clear margins. So I am 2 years "cancer free" today.  Ok, so they don't really like to say "cancer free".  Or even remission just yet.  So they say NED.  So I been "dancin with NED" for 2 years.  (No Evidence of Disease for y'all not hip on the cancer lingo.)  BUT...I am reserving the celebration until this next upcoming flurry of medical visits & tests confirm that.  And why is it a milestone?  Well, the docs all tell me that "most of the time" if it's gonna come back, it'll do it within 2 years.  But the BIG milestone is the 5 year mark.

Yep, here we go again....starting next month, another round of pokin, proddin, squashin, testin & all.  First the 6 month chest x-ray, followed by the 3 month visit with the Oncologist, Dr W, which includes blood work.  Then the 6 month mammogram followed by the 6 month visit with Dr V.  And so long as they all say "it's all good", THEN we will sho.

But, I still have another couple of weeks before I have to think (stress & obsess?) about that.  So not gonna. 

Other than that, gettin pretty damn sick of this stupid 100+ degree heat every-single-frakkin-day.  We just can't catch a break.  At all.  And no end in sight.  Rain dance anyone?


KimberlyJ said...

Congratulations! on your 2 year mark. <3

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks so much Kimberly! =)