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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hair Regrowth Update

Ok, so just a quickie hair regrowth after chemo update.  Here it is today, 19 1/2 months from the last chemo.

I'm pretty much just lettin it do the chemo curl & headband thing while I continue to grow it out.  After a day or so, I blow out the curls & do the ponytail. So now I'm just on a grow out mission.  Not gonna cut it again till that shortest top layer has reached my jaw.  About 3 more inches I think. 

On another note, we saw some cool Halloween stuff in a store today!  YAY!  Sooooo ready for fall.  Yep.


Karen Ann said...

You're ready for fall and we're still waitin' for summer! While the rest of the country is in a sauna... we'll be lucky to hit the 70s this week. We did reach 83 last weekend!
Your hair is doing nicely, be patient... I know ... YOU'VE BEEN PATIENT!... it's all worth it!
I love reading your blog... you do it nicely.
Take care,
Karen Ann

LunaTechChick said...

I'm jealous of your weather Karen Ann! =) Thanks so much for checkin on me.