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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Milestone Mammo Mornin

Tomorrow I will have a bit of a "milestone" mammogram.  I do believe that as long as this mammo looks fine, I will be allowed to go to Annual Diagnostic Mammos instead of the every 6 months we've been doin.  And, it also falls on the anniversary of the day I had to shave my head in 2009.  Sooo, in memory of that, I wanted to share a photo here:
Know what I call this?  I call this "A Beautiful Thing" tools & products spread out on my bathroom counter.  Yep, even though I'm at (yet another) in between, non-'do hair situation, I do now require some of my favorite hair things. I could probably get a style cut in now, but I'm holdin out for when I can get a 'do I'll actually like the looks of.  For now, I'm fine with the ponytail or the curly in the headband thing while it grows out.  Was told by my hair lady (she was cuttin O's hair) that it appears to be growin fast at the moment.  YAYAYAY!!!

Anyway, so yeah....mammo tomorrow.  Yes I'm nervous.  Follow up with Dr V next week.  And the week followin that is that awful sonogram thing with Dr D.  And this week also marks Year 1 of 5 on Tamoxifen.  So far so good.

And we're totally ready for the dern weather to cool off & stay cooled off.

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