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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keepin Y'all "Abreast"......

Yeah.....I'm just not that creative lately...thus the cheesy post title.  Anyway....mammo came out all good.  The nurse quoted the doc as saying: "She looks good."  So *whew!*  BUT, he wants to get one more look at the scar/tumor site with a mammo on that side only in six months.  THEN, provided it still looks good, he'll release me to havin Annual Diagnostic Mammos.  Not because of anything he saw, but just to be safe. 

Next up: The follow up with the awesome surgeon, Dr V.  He usually just confirms the mammo results, does his own examination of the boobies, & that's that.  Seein as how a digital mammo totally didn't show my tumor, I'm glad I have someone lookin after them with me.  And because of that, I always show up a tad bit nervous, till he finishes feelin 'em & gives me the thumbs up.

I also took a couple weeks off from work.  There's just all these appointments for the medical stuff, and several video shoots I need to help O with.  Now that he's no longer teachin, we're focusin on tryin to get the video biz doin well again.  And there are some things happenin with that. 

Soooooo, times are interesting for sure.  Not that you'd know from this (boring) blog entry. My writing skills have definitely dulled.  Thanks chemo brain. 

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