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Sunday, September 25, 2011

We've Only Just Begun.... see the Pinkwashing.  And it's not even October.  I've been back & forth with my thoughts on the Pink Ribbon...I know some breast cancer survivors who are so totally ANTI pink...& then I know some who completely cover themselves in pink...

I do display a pink ribbon here & there.  Mostly as a show of support & solidarity to other survivors...& know, so other survivors might recognize I am one too.  Or maybe a newly diagnosed person will realize I'm a survivor too & then I get the opportunity to try to ease the fears, talk, & help in some way.'s just a few of the Pinkwashing items I've come across lately....

I do get that for some, seein all this pink & pink ribbons is a painful, sad reminder.  But for others, they see it as an inspiration to keep fighting.  I'm just not so sure about all the products that go pink this time of year.  

I mean, I see these batteries, & I'm all like, REALLY?  But then again, I can see the funds raised are really going to a real & very recognized breast cancer charity.  And they do help people, &  research & stuff.  

Sooooooo, again, I'll just remind y'all to THINK before you PINK.  Make sure that the pinkness you're buying shows WHERE the funds are goin & HOW MUCH money from each unit sold is bein donated.  Or is the product just simply for awareness....

October is, for me, so much more than breast cancer awareness month.  It's Autumn, it's awesome, & it's Halloween time.  And yes, my Halloween deco is all out!


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