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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Strange Magic

Sooooooo....lots of THREE's lately.  This is the third post to do with "three".  The first of 3 posts about 3's was this. A magic number?  Hmmmmm.... Then there was this post.  (In hindsight, I wish I had titled it "One And One And One Is III"  And now this post yer readin, where I'm thinkin, sh'yeah...maybe the number 3 ain't so special.  Magic?'s a Straaaaange Magic.  And with this post, (3rd time's the charm?) I'd like to put this bullshit outta my damn mind.  And yeah, I went ahead & got confirmation from Dr W's...Stage III.  Has been since day one. I asked O if he recalled bein told it was Stage III & he was all like "Well yeah...where the hell YOU been??". 

Anyway....I still have about 6 weeks (3 + 3 lol) till I can see the docs who have the power to put my mind at ease...All THREE of em.

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