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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here Baby, There Mama....

Waitin in the truck 8/2012
Everywhere..... Yep.  Haaaaaaiiiirrrr!!!!! More & more things seem to be gettin back to normal.  O pointed out one of those things this mornin.  He says: "Well, guess I'm gonna have to get used to your hair bein all over the place...again..." while gettin ready in the bathroom. Lookin around, I can see that, yes, there are strands of my hair around here & there. Yes, the shedding has begun.  Up until recently, I wasn't sheddin at all....Most people lose 100 - 200 strands of hair every day.  Just the natural life cycle of hair.  But I hadn't lost any until a couple of months ago.  Guess since it's all brand new, it just hung in there.  Which would explain why it's so much thicker than it was before it fell out.  But I suspect it's on it's way back to it's normal thickness...or rather, THINness.  Guess we'll just have to wait & see. 

What a call from the Fab Oncologist Dr W the other day.  He was copied on that hormone blood work Dr D did last week.  It's Dr W's opinion that the number is still in the same range...almost an identical reading.  Which it is.  He really felt I am postmenopausal.  Until I shared with him about the ovulation & the conversation I had with Dr D.  Now he's not so sure.  What to do?  I think the two of them need to have a chat or somethin.  Gonna suggest that when I see Dr W in 3 weeks. (There's that Number 3 again! LOL)

Maybe I misunderstood Dr D?  Which is totally possible since I made it 3 years without realizin my bc was Stage III.  (Three mentions of three....ok, I'll stop! lol!) 

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