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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feelin HOT HOT HOT...

Good gawd! Here we go again....another stretch of days where temps will be at or above 104°.  And we hate it.  Hopin this is the "last gasp" in these dog days of summer.  Compared to last summer though, it's been pretty mild.  I can totally deal with temps around 100°, but when it gets much above that...I just have such a hard time.  I mean, 8pm & it's still 101° outside.  Really?  And if you have to be out & about in this heat...ugh. 

So, looks like about another week of crazy heat & then maybe it will back off to less than triple digits.  Gonna hope for that.  Chemo curl.  It goes on & on & on & on....(Journey anyone?)  On super hot days, I've found it's better to "embrace the curl" as a friend once told me about a year this is it 2 years & 7 months from last chemo.  It's much faster to dry this way.  And so I've been doin this quite a bit this summer.  The less time you have to point a hairdryer blowin hot air at yer head durin this time is good. YAY!

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