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Friday, January 4, 2013

Went To A Party Last Saturday Night...

Happy New Year!!! Sorry I'm a bit late.  I usually like to post either ON New Year's Eve, or New Year's Day...but it just wasn't to be.  Yeah, the party last Saturday could be to blame! LOL!

It wasn't exactly a New Year's Eve party...but kinda was a pre-New Year's Eve party / birthday party / family & long lost friends reunion kinda party.  It was really fun to see everyone again & party together.  Yeah, I kinda totally drank one too many cocktails.  But then after a day of layin around, I felt better, so yeah, it ain't no big thing

I will say this:  I'm totally glad to be done with 2012.  It definitely had it's ups & downs.  But I like a more UP year.  And I expect 2013 to be just that, now that it appears I will only have to see the scary type of doctors every 6 months.  Anyway, so farewell to I flip through my calendar, I can see that it didn't totally suck.  And was very busy.  We produced & released a motion picture during the 1st part of the year, went to a great wedding, I got a new tattoo...but then did have a bc scare, some shitty side effects from Tamoxifen, & wasn't able to get with any of my family over the holidays, except for Skype.  Eh...could have been a whole lot worse of a year, but coulda been some better too.

Anyway...I didn't do so well with the resolutions I set for 2012, so not gonna make any for 2013.  It ain't no big thing.

Happy 2013 y'all! Yay!

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