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Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Things.....

Two things I leaned in this month of February 2012...Number 1: If you have leftover Tilapia With Garlic Butter & Dill, & you never get around to eatin those leftovers, do not...I repeat...DO NOT put it down the garbage disposal.  

And second: Never order a martini in a Mexican Restaurant.  

Just sayin....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time For A Cool Change

Ok, so we're right in the middle of the "medical flurry" of bc tests, checks, scans, squashes & such.  Saw the Oncologist, Dr W on Thursday, & the Endocrinologist Dr F yesterday.  Next up, mammo, surgeon, sono.  And then I'll have a couple months off till the next 3 month Oncologist visit.

And how am I doin with the New Year's Resolutions regarding medical stuff? Well, I guess I'm doin ok...I didn't cry at the chest X-ray.  Didn't cry all over Dr W.  I hope to not be flippin out at the mammo, & DEF don't wanna be all freaky in front of Dr V!  Well, I did have a bit of a scare....Dr F's office called me yesterday & told me I needed to come in to discuss my labs & could I come on in, like NOW.  I was all like, WHAAAAAAAT??  He usually just drops me a letter in the mail tellin me to call to get a new dose on the I was flippin totally out.  But it really was just to discuss changes to my thyroid meds.  Nothin more.

AND, my visit with Dr W was a good one.  He had some news.  He's leaving that cancer center where he is currently & goin to a MUCH better place (in my opinion).  I have been becoming rather disenchanted with this cancer center myself, & was gonna talk with him about changin to one of the other locations.  But he beat me to it.  He's gonna head up some Oncology division at a nice, newish hospital right near a mall I like & just around the corner from a Five Guys Burgers & Fries!  Yeah, THAT could make me have a different view of pending Oncologist appointments.  And what a great change that will be!  AND, it really did make me feel good when he told me he was SO glad to see me on his books this week so he could tell me of his cool change in person & also afford me the opportunity to get on his books at the new place, seamlessly in time for my next 3 month appointment in May.

And now for our non cancer-related stuff: Shooting for the "awareness & prevention" movie we're doin kicked off last week. This will be our 7th movie. And I'm back "on the job" doin my boom mic thing.  And I have gotten very rusty.

But it's nice to be back to doin more & more things we did PRE-bc.  KnowwhatImean? 

It really does seem like things are goin more & more back to normal.  And that's VERY cool...for a change.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now...

Sooooooo, this business about the Susan G Komen Foundation cutting of funding for Planned Parenthood & then reversing that decision has been quite the hot topic this week.  I have been a SGK supporter, even before I got breast cancer.  Even though some of the things they have done here & there have aggravated me a when they threatened to sue small, local charities for using the words "For The Cure" in their fundraising efforts.  Yeah...they've trademarked that phrase.  But to actually have their lawyers go after a tiny, local charity like that?  Really?  But I got over it & continued supporting SGK, since they were the largest breast cancer charity.  

But this most recent move, cutting off Planned Parenthood & then reversing the decision upon experiencing a huge can see clearly now the true colors of SGK.  What started out as probably a genuine charity organization with a goal of ending breast cancer is no longer that, in my opinion.  What it has become is a business.  And no doubt the top execs earn lofty salaries.  And it just kinda made me fuckin sick that this charity allowed politics to play a role in anything!  Politics or religious beliefs should have no place in breast cancer research/screening/treatment.  Breast cancer does not discriminate.  Breast cancer doesn't give a shit if you're Republican, Democrat, Christian, Mormon, gay or straight.  And we've GOT to find a cure.  I'm just not so sure that is the Susan G Komen Foundation's top priority any longer.

I'm havin a hard time putting in to words all I feel & think about this....I'm not the most intellectual person.  But it doesn't take intellect to know that what SGK did was shitty & it totally showed their true colors.  Even though they reversed their decision, I'm afraid the damage has been done.

And I have edited, posted, taken down, re-edited, re-posted & taken this post down numerous times.  I'm sure some people find this blog through my epic hair regrowth post I shared over at the SGK Discussion Forums.  And then they read this.  Yet my posts are still over at SGK.  Here's how I feel about that.  Whether or not you support SGK For The Cure, I think the Discussion Forum over on the SGK site needs to NOT be a part of all this stuff.  Leave the SGK Discussion Forums out of this.  So many newly diagnosed women go to that Forum in search of support, advice, & just to learn from all the others there who've been through it.  I know I did. And there are always some very knowledgeable & compassionate, experienced ladies there, ready to lend an ear, hold your hand, let you cry...whatever it is you need that brought you to the Forum.  And I made some "friends" there that I will probably never meet, but I very much value their friendship & appreciate so much the help, support & understanding when I first landed on the Forum, all freakin out & stuff.  So. What I'm trying to say is this.  Yes, I'm mad at the SGK Foundation.  But I do still wanna help other ladies goin through breast cancer, chemo, havin bald issues & stuff.  So I will remain a member of that Forum, & hope that this blog post doesn't get me kicked off or my posts removed.