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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Tamoxifen,

You are destroying my fingernails.  Please stop it. 

Thank you.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pushin My Buttons...

Yep, if it has a button to push, apparently I'll break it.  Started with the button on my electric toothbrush.  Doesn't always work anymore.  And it's not recommended to take the thing out of yer mouth while it's spinning.  Unless you wanna clean up the far flung toothpaste & spit & shit.  

Next was the trackball on my BlackBerry.  You gotta push it to "click" on stuff.  Yeah, it no pushy no more.  =(

And finally, the button to turn the alarm on/off on our alarm clock.  Stuck in the ON position.  Untill I stabbed it with something to try to pop it out.  Now it works, but makes such LOUD clickety click sounds.  Ugh! 

*Shakes fist at push button things*

Better keep that "That Was Easy" button away from me!

*End Rant*

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Things...

Saw this on the Grammys...thought it was pretty funny.

And then there's this...the REAL version! LOL!
I've never been a fan of this kind of music, but this just makes me laugh. LOL!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2 Down....

And 2 to go.  That appointment with Dr W sure caused a bit of a freak out.  What doesn't with me, right?  So anyway, I get there, hubs meets me there.  And the blood is drawn & we're waiting in the exam room.  Ususally Dr W comes in after about 10 - 15 minutes.  You know how you just know the doc is about to come in the room, cause you hear him pull your chart out of the thingy by the door?  Well, I heard him, or somebody, pull the chart.  But then he didn't come in.  And he didn't come in & didn't come in & didn't come in.  For about another 30 frickin minutes!!  So, of course I'm all like, "OMG, OMG, OMG, something's wrong...something on the X-ray or the blood....OMG, OMG, OMG." 

So then he FINALLY comes in & was apologetic.  Apparently he was still diggin out from all the reschedules that happened over the last 2 weeks from the ice & snow, & he had been behind all day.  And then at some point during that day there was some sort of altercation with a patient which involved police! (Wow, someone threw a bigger fit than I did last January 2010!) And this took up some time. 

I was just like, WTF ever, HOW did the X-ray look?!  He said that the X-ray looked good & that my blood work was "beautiful".  I love havin "beautiful" blood work.  

So, armed with this info, I will be a bit more at ease at the next test, which is the mammogram.  But possibly not so at east at the one that follows that - the pelvic sonogram.  Hopefully Tamoxifen is gettin along with my uterus just fine & not causing any thickening of the lining.  

And THEN after all that, I get to go back to the Endocrinologist's, Dr F, for MORE blood work.  He says (& Dr W agrees) we gotta get to the bottom of what's causing the Parathyroid Hormone issues.  Jeez.  More labs.  More $$.  More gettin poked at.
BUT, having the good news about the chest X-ray has pretty much kept me smilin.  :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As Promised....

Ok, so as promised, here are some Hair Regrowth After Chemo pics. 
I took these yesterday.  Yes, that's my lovely compression sleeve on my left arm. Chemo curl seems to be hangin in.

Today, after having lunch, I looked out the back door & saw this little bird had found him some lunchie munchies on our back porch.  Seems an earthworm got caught in the freeze & when the sun came out & thawed stuff, this little bird scored!
 In the first pic, the bird has just discovered the worm.  After he enjoyed it, he just kinda sat there for a few minutes, enjoyin the sun, I guess.  That's the second pic.  I dunno why I felt like gettin pics of this.  And this little bird wasn't the only one glad to see some sunshine today.  Looks like the roads are gonna be fine tomorrow, so off to Dr W's I go!

Wish me luck!

Testing, Testing, 1 - 2 - 3....

And so it begins.  Again.  Not just talkin about stupid ass deep freeze wintery weather either.  Which we're's 18 degrees outside & looks like a blizzard! And I'm sick of it.  Enough already! GAWD!!!  No, what I'm mostly talkin about is the flurry of tests/labs/doctor's visits.  Seems like somethin's gonna be looked at/scanned/poked every couple of weeks from now through March.  Yay me! LOL! But a close watch on stuff is a good thing.  I know this.

Got my chest X-ray yesterday.  First one since all this bullshit started.  It went fast (surprisingly, since I was sent to the hospital to have it) & smooth enough. In & out in less than 30 minutes.  And at 4:00 too!  And that was great.  But now, the appointment with the Oncologist, Dr W looms.  Tomorrow.  Weather permitting.  I need it to permit.  So I can know.  Not just about the chest X-ray (pleasepleaseplease be normalnormalnormal), but also about the blood work.  Why now am I so all weirded out about the labs, since I've had beautiful labs for over a year now?  Well, up until recently, I really didn't know exactly what all this blood work tells a doc.  I didn't know that Dr W could possibly detect some cancers with it.  But now that I know this....yeah.  I think I'm one of those people for whom ignorance truly is bliss.  I usually stroll in there, usually go by myself.  All chatty with the staff & the nurse.  All grinnin like a goon (most times) when Dr W comes in.  But that's probably not gonna be the case this time.  Until he gives me the all clear on both tests.  Then cue the goon-ness. (What IS it with me & the cancer doctors? LOL!) But until he's given me a thumbs up, I'll be a bit of a bundle of nerves. And this will not be a surprise to him.

And lately I've just gotten so paranoid of stuff.  Like right before the bone scan....every little ache or the shoulder pain I'd been having.  Just KNEW the scan was gonna be not good.  But it turns out, I believe the shoulder pain was directly related to the port removal.  Anyway...yeah, every little issue or bodily function....& I'm all like..."uh oh...that's not normal....or is it?  Has that always been like that?" (TMI? I mean, paranoia will destroy ya...(Did I REALLY just say that stupid shit? *Sensing readers eyes rolling*) But I'm actually feelin much calmer since the X-ray is done.  Dunno why...not like I expected anyone to tell me any results.  Which they didn't.  Cause they can't.  And they were so rushed.  You could tell they were still digging out of a back log of patients that probably rescheduled during the 4 days of frozen tundra we had last week.

Anyway.  Yeah.  Another snow day at home.  Not supposed to get above freezing till Friday, but come close tomorrow.  Close enough to see Dr W?  I hope so.  And I don't.  But I do. I think.  Eh!  For now it's just me & hubby & our lovely space heater...hangin out.  Gettin caught up on things around the house.  And drippin faucets & all that lovely stuff.  

And I can see I haven't posted a hair regrowth after chemo picture in awhile, so I'll be doin another post later with some 14 month pics of the afro-mullet.  

And tomorrow I'll be back with what Dr W says, or if I got rescheduled.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

YAY!  It's 47° outside!  I can actually see my grass!  Bye bye snow!!  I mean, I couldn't believe it.  Four inches of snow dumped on top of all that ice.  Thankfully, my boss is awesome & understanding & had no desire for anyone to even attempt to come in to the office.  And it's a good thing too, cause that highway was one of the worst with ice & accidents.  But now we're above freezing.  Never thought I'd love it being 47°, but I do...It's a heat wave!! And me without my short shorts! LOL! Seriously, what a difference a day makes.  And sunshine. =)

Not gonna be puttin the space heater away just yet though, as I'm told another arctic front is expected mid week.  Probably gonna have to take out a second mortgage to pay the damn electric bill!
Monday the flurry of medical tests & doctor visits begins.  So yeah...don't love how spread out they all are something gettin looked at every couple of weeks through March it appears.  HOW to not feel nervous/upset/paranoid/scared?  Some days, I'm Very confident this is all over.  And other days, notsomuch.  Guess what kinda day I'm havin today?

Thanks for checkin in on us.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am SO over this stupid weather.  WHY does it have to get so damn cold?! Ice covering everything. It's fuckin 19 degrees!  Supposed to be 10 degrees in the morning & get to a high of 22! TWENTY TWO?? For a high temp?! Hate this! I get that this to people in, say....North Dakota, this would be considered....brisk.  Yeah.  But I'm not in ND.  Where I am, this ain't normal.  

Soooooo, got all outside pipes & spigots covered, faucets drippin, cabinets with plumbing on outside walls open.  Heat in the house just runs & runs....should I switch it over to the E-heat?  What to do, what to do....Brrrrrrrr!