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Friday, May 6, 2016

All I Need Is A Miracle...?

Yeah. It's time for me to bitch about stuff I've already bitched and blogged about. Again. And I realize that I have a new excuse reason for why I don't blog as much as I once did. Know what it is? It's because I'm finding myself writing about the same stuff. Same shit, different day. So, here we go again. What's one more ranty, ramble of the same ol same ol, right?

I dunno if maybe I just need to get off of social media for awhile or what, but I am just getting so so SO annoyed with all the suggestions, some quite ridiculous, about how to "prevent" breast cancer, or "prevent" it's return or "prevent" metastasis, and these "all natural miracle cures"! All manner of silly suggestions scroll by with these "cures"...everything from detoxes, cleanses, super food gorging...try to enhance your calm and stay all Zen all the time...

*rolls eyes*

Like I've said before...
...if "beating it" were as simple as only eating organic, consuming tons of kale and blueberries, chowing down on lentils while burning patchouli incense and singing "Kum Ba Yah" around a fire pit, then surely info on this would take bc treatment more that way, oncologists would prescribe it & proclaim the elusive cure has been found...

Anyway.... I think the one piece of advice that grinds my nerves the most, and I get advised the most is "alkalize your body...only eat alkaline, etc."

I swear to *insert deity of choice here*, if one more person forwards me stuff about "How to eat all alkaline to beat cancer" I'm gonna totally lose my shit. Please read Myth Number 3 of Cancer Myths Debunked.  If you make your body 100% alkaline, YOU WILL NOT BE ALIVE!!! Ok? So just, STOP IT! GAWD!!! (I know y'all mean well, but it's just silly...)

I dunno...I guess I'm just weary of reading about all the "miracle diets" and how a "Zen-like state of mind" can "guarantee" you will "beat cancer forever". 

Look, don't get me wrong, of course I've made some lifestyle changes and eat more Chia Seeds and kale (I actually LIKE kale, thankyouverymuch) than I did before my diagnosis. I didn't even know you could actually eat chia seeds before I was diagnosed. And yes, it's in an effort of prevention. No guarantees, but yeah, I think it's because I gotta feel like I'm being proactive in some way. But I'm not about to pick up a book claiming to have the way to cure cancer written by some all organic garden growing, tofu munchin', yoga posin' health guru and call it the holy fuckin' grail of curing cancer. Ya know? 
*Disclaimer* Yes, I do believe organic is better when you can find/afford it. I do believe yoga is good for you, but I can't do it. And I'm sure there must be some way to prepare tofu that makes it edible. 

If the biggest brains in the oncology world, with all of their experiences and degrees haven't found the cure for breast cancer yet, I seriously doubt it's gonna be found in a damn pomegranate!

</ end rant >

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