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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Words Are Very Unnecessary

Especially when there's not much to report. Personal life and professional life continue to get very, very interesting, though, but just gonna have to leave it at that...for now.

Hope everyone is having a nice spring.  Here in my region, we're enjoying the 6 - 8 weeks of loveliness between the ice and the fire. 

Promise to post a blog of some substance soon.  


Thursday, April 3, 2014

What A Fool Believes.....

Welcome to April! I def saw my share of April Fools' jokes and also some April Fools (I was probably one of them lol) on April 1. One thing I love about the month of April is that  by then I have already been to the oncologist and won't have to mess with that for awhile, weather is warmer and it's O's birthday month.

Ok, so, I saw Dr W...andI was all expecting him to say that everything looks great and let's start doing ANNUAL visits...cause that's what he said he planned to do when I saw him in September. 

That is not what happened.  

Fool that I am for believing him.  

No...instead he said he'd like to see me in six months, just one last time on the six month thing, and THEN go to annuals.  Ok, fine.  That is actually closer to my five years of cancer freeness than March is so sure, no prob.  But then he said he was going to order a blood test.  A tumor marker test.  My very first EVER tumor marker test, because Dr W has always said that he is no fan of tumor marker tests. (Nor is he a fan of constantly ordering scans to monitor bc.) He just thinks these tumor marker tests are just not all that reliable...any number of non cancer related things can cause a reading to look pretty fuckin scary, and can cause unnecessary stress to an already over the top stressed out, paranoid freak, such as myself. So, although he said that he has really "no faith" in the CA 27.29 with CEA tests, he felt it prudent to at least take a look at them before sending me off into the wild blue ANNUAL yonder....

I guess it makes sense.  So the blood was drawn.  We were told it could take a day or two to get the results.... O kinda nudged Dr W to try to get results sooner rather than later.

(And then 24 hours of me being a stressy weirdo freak began...something that I think is never going to change, when it comes to cancer testing and stuff....Ahhhh, the scars that remain from bc that will never heal....more on that in a future post...)

Anyway, I do understand that this test alone can't be relied on...but if something does look out of the ordinary, then coupled with other tests, like a CT, a recurrence or mets could be detected earlier, maybe even before symptoms arise, and hopefully dealt with. Ok, fine. 

Thankfully, Dr W called the very next day...just about 24 hours after the blood was drawn.  Went something like this:

*Ring Ring* 

LTC: "Oh shit! It's Dr W! OhShitOhShitOhShit!!!!....Hello, this is LTC..." 
Dr W: "Hi LTC, it's Dr W..."
LTC: "Hi Dr W, I'm very scared of you at this moment..."
Dr W: *chuckling* "Your tumor markers all look just fine!"
LTC: "OMG thank GAWD!! Whew!"  So, does this mean I should cancel our appointment in 6 months and see you next March?
Dr W: "Well, I'll let you decide that..."
LTC: "'re the boss of this....what is your recommendation?"
Dr W: "Let's keep the appointment, and I'll see you in 6 months."

Ok, so now here's the I a Fool for believing that a "just fine" looking tumor marker test actually means anything at all?  I mean, since Dr W has no faith in these tests??  Right?  

No, I don't think so.  I actually DO feel better knowing this...because I'm thinking, "just fine" is great...elevated stuff means additional testing is needed, which may or may not reveal bc issues.  I would (obviously) rather have "just fine" than "elevated...."

Soooooooo, I choose to believe, (fool or not), that it was good to run these tests and I'm glad to know they look fine.

See Mom, we have Dickey's too

And here I am being an April Fool on April Fools' Day 2014. =)