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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Just Want To Celebrate...

View from Dr V's
Another day of Liiiiiife!!!  It's official.  All the oncology visits are done!  The mammo was clear & I can now have the Diagnostic Mammos annually instead of every 6 months.  My Oncologist, Dr W says he'll see me in 6 months! He didn't run labs.  I didn't insist.  I know I was gonna, but I figure he's the expert.  The surgeon, Dr V says the boobies feel good. (Not like that! LOL!) And I had my annual physical & got the results of my labs (also why I didn't worry bout Dr W not runnin them) & I still have beautiful blood! 
Everything in the normal range!

So NOW I will celebrate my Three Year NED-ness! YAY!

We put out our Halloween deco last weekend.  I love Halloween! So fun.  I think my favorite deco is our breakfast table this year. But the fireplace mantle came out pretty cool too.

 Let's see, what else...our video biz has been busy, which is good.  So we've been doin shoots here & there, some crazy early in the mornin...& meetin some really neat people.  O & I recently were talkin about how it really does seem like life is finally gettin back to normal....whatever normal is.  And now that I've got the confirmation that I'm still doin good from all the docs... I hope I can begin to live like the bc bullshit is part of my longer my present.  I'm sure gonna try! (I know, I know....we've heard this all before, but I will this time...Really.  No REALLY! lol!)
And I don't have to see another doctor of any kind for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!
That's why I'm tellin you, I just want to celebrate....Yeah, yeah!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

O Canada...

I see England, I see France...
I can see that people all around the world read my blog... *waves at new readers/subscribers*  Thanks for readin, followin & subscribin & commentin y'all!  
I usually see readers from Canada too...but not so much lately. 
Was it somethin I said?
Anyway, just a random musing as I was lookin at the stats page for the blog. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


All my troubles seemed so far away....

3 Years Ago Yesterday
Even though it was the anniversary of the "Great Head Shave Event".... I was also armed with the knowledge that my mammogram was CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!  I don't have to get squashed again for a whole year!!!! So yesterday was a pretty good day.

So that's 2 scary doctor appointments with good reports
down, 2 to go.

Last week my friend & I went shoppin.  Here is a pic of me bein SO very silly...
Well, it looked like somethin else from across the street! LOL!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't Worry Baby....

Everything will turn out alright...

If O were guest bloggin (which he isn't), that's probably what he'd have to say.  LOL!

Got the big milestone mammo tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 13).  If I pass this one, they will let me go to ANNUAL diagnostic mammos.  So we have our fingers & toes all crossed for me to get the thumbs up, all clear. 

As usual, I am a bit of a bundle of nerves.  But tryin to remain positive.  And not be a total freak tomorrow. 

Wish me luck!