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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Been A Long Time Comin

Yeah...sorry bout that.  I usually have so much to say that a blog will come flyin out every week to ten days...but yeah, not so much here in the month of January.  January kinda sucks, doesn't it?  I think of it as a kind of, "non-month". You're gettin back in the swing of things from all the holiday hoopla & stuff.  And so, there's really not been that much to blog about really.  We've just been workin, makin great videos & stuff. 

And I guess I'll take this time here to prepare y'all for a new thing I'll be featurin on the blog from time to time.  "Reel Rants" is gonna be a video companion to the blog.  This is another thing that's been a long time comin, as we've been tryin to figure out what we wanna do since before the holidays. You won't have to go anywhere else to see it, you'll just get to see video of me here from time to time.  Most of the time it'll be me bitchin rantin about this or that.  But the first one will probably be just a little bit of a gettin to know yooooooou kinda thing.  How I came to be bloggin & stuff. Anyway, of course there would eventually be video on here, since we're video people, right?  So, whenever you see this banner,
then you know yer bout to see me goin off about something.  Or maybe not. We'll just see how it goes.  Hopefully I won't lose too many subscribers & Facebook & Twitter followers once they hear my (gawd awful) voice n shit. 

So anyway...yeah, things are finally gettin back into a more normal like routine.  And recently, we went out to one of our fave restaurants.  A great little Thai joint.  Now, long time readers understand that we tend to have issues from time to time when it comes to gettin something to eat. But that's not the case in this place.  Well, the only issue I would imagine would be havin to wait for a table cause they're so crowded cause the food is so awesomely yummy.  So here I am bout to get some really great Thai food.  While we were here, & for the rest of the afternoon, we collected some footage for the "Reel Rants" show.  It was fun, but I must say, it's hard to be yourself on camera...I'm just so used to bein behind the camera.  This havin it focused right on me is weird.  I didn't think it would be any different than just hangin out & stuff, but damn! Soon as that red light started blinkin, I was all like, WTF? What am I supposed to do?  So, hope y'all will hang with me until I get a few of these under my belt.  I'm told, or rather, we tell others, it gets easier & you get used to it the more you do it.  And no doubt, when I have cancer bullshit goin on, like I will in March, that might make the on-camera stuff easier, cause lord knows I can DEF get on a rant about that.  

So anyway, sorry it's been such a long, long, long time since I had anything to say.  That shouldn't happen again, for awhile anyway, as I can see all the cancer doctors appointments are loomin....& there are some other things I'd like to rant talk about.  Just better to let certain situations chill out a bit, or simmer down, or just let a little time go by while I think on know, select just the right words I wanna say bout certain stuff.  ;)

Hope everyone is havin a great start to the New Year! Thanks for subscribin & followin & stuff.   

Friday, January 4, 2013

Went To A Party Last Saturday Night...

Happy New Year!!! Sorry I'm a bit late.  I usually like to post either ON New Year's Eve, or New Year's Day...but it just wasn't to be.  Yeah, the party last Saturday could be to blame! LOL!

It wasn't exactly a New Year's Eve party...but kinda was a pre-New Year's Eve party / birthday party / family & long lost friends reunion kinda party.  It was really fun to see everyone again & party together.  Yeah, I kinda totally drank one too many cocktails.  But then after a day of layin around, I felt better, so yeah, it ain't no big thing

I will say this:  I'm totally glad to be done with 2012.  It definitely had it's ups & downs.  But I like a more UP year.  And I expect 2013 to be just that, now that it appears I will only have to see the scary type of doctors every 6 months.  Anyway, so farewell to I flip through my calendar, I can see that it didn't totally suck.  And was very busy.  We produced & released a motion picture during the 1st part of the year, went to a great wedding, I got a new tattoo...but then did have a bc scare, some shitty side effects from Tamoxifen, & wasn't able to get with any of my family over the holidays, except for Skype.  Eh...could have been a whole lot worse of a year, but coulda been some better too.

Anyway...I didn't do so well with the resolutions I set for 2012, so not gonna make any for 2013.  It ain't no big thing.

Happy 2013 y'all! Yay!