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Thursday, April 2, 2020

From A Distance

Just a brief batch of fresh words during a very sad and scary time for us all.  Please, everyone, heed the advice and recommendations to stay at home if you possibly can.  

I hope all of you are well.  I will admit, I am scared.  I am hyper-aware of how I'm feeling, breathing, throat, lungs... Y'all know how I am.  I think there is still so much not known about this thing.

There are so many Social Distancing Guidelines and Shelter In Place Orders that I expect will continue longer than these initial orders.  I wonder how long before things will go back to normal.  If ever.  I've wondered this before, of course.  But this is not just me.  This is all of us.  

I just wanted to share some thoughts on how this COVID-19 is making me feel.  And I just wanted to tell y'all, friends and family near and far... I'm thinking about you and sending love to you all...

From a distance. 

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