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Thursday, April 2, 2020

From A Distance

Just a brief batch of fresh words during a very sad and scary time for us all.  Please, everyone, heed the advice and recommendations to stay at home if you possibly can.  

I hope all of you are well.  I will admit, I am scared.  I am hyper-aware of how I'm feeling, breathing, throat, lungs... Y'all know how I am.  I think there is still so much not known about this thing.

There are so many Social Distancing Guidelines and Shelter In Place Orders that I expect will continue longer than these initial orders.  I wonder how long before things will go back to normal.  If ever.  I've wondered this before, of course.  But this is not just me.  This is all of us.  

I just wanted to share some thoughts on how this COVID-19 is making me feel.  And I just wanted to tell y'all, friends and family near and far... I'm thinking about you and sending love to you all...

From a distance. 

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Claudia Schmidt said...

Same here! Every morning I wake up with a slightly scratchy throat and runny nose - most likely because it's been an early allergy season here in NJ cause it's been so warm this winter, but of course I immediately worry that it's COVID. I'm just generally overall anxious most of the time. My husband and I have been on total lockdown since March 10th but our 2 kids are in their 20's and it's so stressful wondering if they're being compliant (they live in off campus apts). But I just can't control their actions any more, no matter how much I tell them to wash hands, and disinfect. Anyway, stay well and hope we all get through this safely. xo

LunaTechChick said...

Hi Claudia,

Yes, as an already anxious person, the anxiety seems to be constant now. Even affecting my ability to sleep. I wish everyone would take this as seriously as it is, but sadly, so many are not. I fear we'll be at this for a long time. Stay safe & hope we will all get through this too, as if we weren't trying to get through something already. Ya know? Ugh.


Nancy's Point said...

Thinking about you too. I fear we'll be at this for a long while as well. It helps knowing you're out there. Reading blog posts from "familiar faces" helps. Stay safe. Stay well. x

LunaTechChick said...

Yes, seeing y'all out there in the blogosphere & on social media definitely helps. You stay safe & well too. xx