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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dem Bones, Dem Bones Be NED Bones.....

Yep.  Two updates in the same hour.  Just got the call.  The bone scan was NORMAL!!! Dem bones, dem bones be NED bones!  Awww yeaah!

Apparently Dr V checks in here from time to time.  He's just awesome cool like that. =) And I turned right into a huge idiot on the phone.  Huge.  Idiot.  Yep.

Monday, Monday...

Monday is basically done.  I did not hear from any doctors about the scan results.  And it occurs to me....Dr W did not order the scan.  It was ordered by Dr V.  So results probably would not be shared with Dr W, unless it was shared with him by Dr V.  Dr V always has you a follow up appointment scheduled for a few days after a test, to discuss results.  Good or bad news.  And mine is scheduled for Wednesday, first thing.  Bright & early.  

And that's why I think I didn't hear anything Friday or today & probably won't hear anything tomorrow either.

But I could be wrong. Guess I'm gonna have to wait & see.  And we know how good I am at that, right?!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dem Bones

So I got a note in the mail from the Endocrinologist  Dr F the other day.  Said "Vitamin D is normal.  Calcium is normal.  Thyroid is normal."  And I shoulda been satisfied with that...(SO wish I had been).  But noooooo, I gotta make phone calls..."but why or what about the bone deterioration?  The osteopenia in the hips??"  And here we go with skeery skeery stuff.  Again.  Dr F calls me.  Apparently, upon another look, my bloodwork shows a certain protein is suppressed.  PTH Related Protein.  Can be caused by calcium supplementation.  Well, yeah, I do take a good calcium supplement.  And upon discovering the osteopenia, I upped the dose, on Dr F's recommendation.  So he asks me if I was taking a calcium supplement at the time of the bloodwork.  Yep.  Ahhh, that could be it.  But then he said the two skeery words.  "I want you to get a BONE SCAN."  WTF???

Me: Ok, are you telling me that when this protein appears suppressed it's indicative of bone metastasis?
Dr F: Well yeah, but it could also be Calcuim
Me:  Well, you know I'm taking 2 Citrical, so why the bone scan?
Dr F: Well, the level of's just lower than I'm comfortable chalking up to calcium supplementation.
Me: FUCK!!!!

Yeah, I'm mildly freaked out.

All the docs agree. Get the bone scan to "rule that out." But the fabulous surgeon, Dr V, who knows me SO very well, knew I was totally freaked the fuck out.  See, Dr F called him & Dr W both.  All agree.  But Dr V called me to say that I should not freak out.  This is probably nothing.  Just get the bone scan so "we all can put our minds at ease." Fine.  I guess.

So, had the damned bone scan.  And now we wait.  I was hoping to get results same day, as Dr W was going to have his nurse inform the hospital that he needed the results immediately.  And I even called his office & let his nurse know when the scan was done.  But he hasn't called.  And now we're into the weekend, so I'm guessing it will be Monday.

Monday, Monday...Nothing like waiting on a phone call to find out whether or not you have cancer. Again.  

The tech that ran the scan "can't read the results" but winked & told me to "have a GREAT weekend."  

Will let you know what we find out.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Less Hip. Me??

Soooooooo, first week back in the insurance biz.  It's been great to be back with my friends.  Isn't it amazing that it's pretty much the exact same agents as when I was an agent there 10 years ago?  And same administrative staff too.  BUT, I can see that MUCH has changed technology-wise & I have MUCH to learn to be able to work on my own & be of some help to the agents.  But I'll get there.  Got my office set up & my license came in the mail on Thursday.  So it's official.  YAY me! :)

Next: I still have a mediport-shaped knot where the mediport used to be.  So to look at me, it appears that I still have a port.  Which I don't.  But today it does seem to be quite a bit smaller, so maybe it'll finally flatten out soon.  I called Dr V's office to inquire if it was normal to have a knot there.  His response: "Normal as rain."  Ok. 

Had more blood work done this week...ordered by the fabulous endocrinologist, Dr F.  It appears I have some slight bone deterioration in my hips & he calls it "Osteopenia".  The report says the bone density here is "between 10 - 25% below normal. Fracture risk is moderate. Treatment is advised."  Well shit!  Anyway, the blood work Dr F ordered should tell him why there's the deterioration, although I'm pretty sure we're blamin it on chemo.  But he wants to know for sure so we can get on top of this before it becomes a problem.  Increase calcium & Vitamin D.  I was normal on my D levels on my last CBC, & I was already increasing my Calcium.  So, guess we'll wait & see what the tests show.

And January signals the annual starting over of the health insurance deductibles for treatments, tests, drugs...all of it.  Maybe you remember my post last January ... Yeah, I didn't deal with it very well last year.  Guess I should try to be more....ummmm....mature(?) when/if I find myself in a similar situation this year...

And right now I'm listening to hubby edit 4 year olds singing...& I think my uterus just imploded.....


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Happy New Year Lucky 2011

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  We really enjoyed having a couple of weeks off.  But now it's back to work, for us both.  I'm starting my new insurance job tomorrow.  A new year.  A new beginning.  I guess.  

I'm glad to see 2010 go.  It saw the end of lots of stuff for me.  The end of radiation treatment. The end of Herceptin infusions. The end of "active treatment". The end of wearing wigs & do-rags on my head daily.  And I said goodbye to my "Little Alien Buddy" mediport.  And yes, I've taken it out of my purse & put it away.

They say that the number 11 is lucky.  Lucky Number 11.  I hope that's the case for me in 2011.  I try not to look too far ahead into the future.  Cause it kinda makes me have a bit of a freak out.  I have another flurry of medical appointments spread out between February & March.  And yeah, when I think about them, I feel just sick to my stomach.  WHEN will I feel totally confident that all will be well?? I mean, some days, I'm totally confident.  But the day of the chest Xray....probably not so much.  

Ok, so really don't have much to say, just kinda wanted to say Happy New Year & just fill y'all in on what's on my mind.  

And to also wonder....anybody even readin this stuff?

Hello Jager! Like my fake ponytail?