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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Once You Know You Can Never Go Back...

Six years ago today, I heard those dreaded words. And nothing has been the same and will never be the same again.

It just is what it is.

And that is all.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

"This indecision's buggin' me..."

I moved away from home at 18.  It was a mistake.  I've known it was for about 15 years now.  I'm trying to correct it.  When the time is right.

Well...ok, maybe it was NOT actually a mistake, since, had I not moved away, I would have never made it to Texas, and would have never met my hubs. Which has been the BEST thing about having moved to Texas for me. (And the Mexican food...but I!) 

So, mistake or not, it HAD to happen. 

And we've always said, there will come a time when we will return to my beloved Georgia. And O has always been willing to take that leap of faith with me. Right thing to do? Is it another "mistake"? We dunno... But we have been saying, for several years now, that we know a change MUST be made, but it must be at the right time.

But HOW do you know when the time is right? 

I guess you just know.

I have lived in Texas for 22 (?) years. And in my current home for 12. I have lived here longer than I've lived anywhere, at the same address, ever in my whole life.

Every year, as summer approaches, we're faced with this question. Is this the year? Do we stay? Do we go?  Really, it's never been a matter of if, but when. When we will finally take the leap of faith, and move back to my beloved Savannah. Start a new life. Be close to family. 

We thought last year was going to be the time to do it. But we let fear of the unknown stop us. Time and again, year after year. And now, here we are again.

But this year is different. This year, it is going to happen. Now is the time.

My last visit home June, 2011

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pack Up The Babies And Grab The Old Ladies...

And ev'ryone goes.... And they totally do, too!

A few weeks ago, O and I had the opportunity to go see Neil Diamond LIVE. Some close friends invited us to ride in a Limo to dinner and then on to the show.

First, although I've never gone out of my way to listen to any Neil Diamond music, I am VERY familiar with it. My mom bout wore out that "Hot August Night" 8-Track tape! And I am a child of the 70's and 80's...And sure, whenever I do hear a familiar song, it's fun. I would have never admitted that though LOL! 

So we were just kinda "eh, whatever" about going. We were mostly looking forward to partying in the Limo. Which turned out to be a Challenger Limo/Disco Bar on Wheels! LOL!

 The really neat thing about the concert was that there were people from all generations there. Parents and their grown children attending together, some for the umpteenth time. And when he walked out on the stage, all the women of all ages were screaming as if Elvis, or The Beatles had come out. [Overheard in the crowd: "Ain't no amount of Viagra in this world gonna fix that shit!" gesturing to his screaming & swooning female companion...LOL!]

I dunno how, at 74 years old, this guy does what he does. His voice is ageless. What an awesome concert... Probably one of the very best shows I've ever been to. So Good! So Good! So Good! *ahem...sorry*  LOL!!!

Anyway, it took two whole weeks to get the Neil Diamond tunes out of my head...

We really had a great time...we ALL had a really great time! From the Limo ride, dinner, show, after show Limo party ride... (Hey, what happens in the Limo, stays in the Limo. lol!)