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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still The One

Happy Anniversary to my sweetie!!! 

We've been together since way back when...

We've been married for 13 years, but together for 17.  And we've known each other for about 24 years.  So I guess being friends first is a good thing.  We are still quite lovey-dovey...I've had friends say that it's sickening LOL!

Ah well...We're still havin fun, & You're Still The One

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Don't Like Spiders & Snakes...

Nope.  Nope nope nope.  I am absolutely terrified of spiders.  Doesn't even matter if it's the teeniest, tiniest one...I hate it.  Don't care much for snakes either, but really just majorly afraid of spiders.

And I saw one this morning.  Walking across the sidewalk.  Yes, in the past, I have seen a snake in the yard. Even found a snakeskin wrapped around a bush in the back.  But if a spider crosses my path??? HFS!!!

And the daylilies have broken through the ground.  So spring has DEF sprung.  Oh sure, we'll have a cold snap.  Like tomorrow.  But today is 80 degrees, ground is greening up & I saw a spider.  So take THAT, stupid Groundhog.