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Saturday, June 27, 2020

I Wear This ****ing Mask Because...

I didn't love my last haircut.  The stylist that did it is aware that I was, shall I say, less than happy.  My regular person wasn't available.  I was desperate.  My last haircut was near the end of January.  Had I known a pandemic was coming, I would have waited for my regular stylist.  Now, I'm growing out a cut that I don't love.  


June 2020
Because there's not enough mask wearing in my area.  Even though my salon has imposed some major COVID-19 restrictions and are wearing masks, I am still uncomfortable going inside anywhere for any extended period of time.  This includes nail salons, restaurants, grocery stores...  Pretty much anywhere I can't mask up and zip zap.  In and out.  

Anyway, people, please stop making mask wearing a political hot button.  I am SO tired of it.  I don't appreciate the major eye-rolling I get when a non mask wearing person sees me wearing one.  When they do that, they get the stink eye right back.  No, I don't glare at non mask wearers.  I just do my best to stay at least 6 feet away. 

But really people.  Wearing a mask shows that you care and respect your fellow human.  It's NOT an infringement on your rights.  It no more violates your rights than the requrement of wearing pants in public does.  Are you against seatbelts?  Are you against wearing a helmet on a motorcycle?  Why masks then?  

And now a rant.  To the person who wanted to stand way too close to my husband in a checkout line recently, ignoring the markers on the floor....  Imma need you to take 3 giant steps backward, so that you can get a good running start and take a giant leap into fucking yourself.  *ahem*

Sorry bout that.

I apologize if this offends you.  If so, you cannot handle me.  

Actually, no. I don't apologize.  Sorry not sorry. 

Just sayin'. 

Doesn't take a stable genius to figure this out. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

There's Somethin' Wrong
With The World Today....

Random Flower for prettyness
OMG where do I start??  There are SO many things wrong with the world today.  This post will be mostly just to mark the times, for my fading memory.  Pretty sure it won't be a coherent, cohesive post at all.

June 2020
Pandemic and quarantine.

COVID-19 still going around. Some areas still increasing in case numbers.  Pretty much the whole country is open now.  

Mask wearing.  Apparently, the wearing of the mask indicates your political party in many cases.  Sorry, but that's just stupid.  Yes, I'm annoyed that I have to mask up if I need to run inside somewhere to get food or other necessary item.  Especially when I see most other customers are not wearing a mask.  

Social distancing must continue, unfortunately.  

George Floyd.  Maybe not a perfect person, but didn't deserve to die on the street like that.  

Protesting.  In the middle of a pandemic.

Violent protests with destruction and looting.

Peaceful protesters removed by force.  Disgusting.

Waiting and watching to see if these large groups of protesters cause a spike in the COVID-19 cases.

And it's an election year.  I voted in the Presidential Primary by mail.  And I will do it again in November if it's possible. 

So many more things.  I shudder to think of what July will bring.  

I. Am. Tired.  SO much fatigue.  News fatigue.  Quarantine fatigue.  

My fatigue is fatigued.  

This is 51
I turned 51 last week.  I stretched my comfort zone and got some Thai curbside take out.  We had some video visits with friends and family and I was even sung "Happy Birthday To You" twice.  Made me feel like I should be washing my hands lol!  Seriously, I am SO glad we have technology so that we can SEE each other and feel like we are spending time together.  It made me feel loved. 

Anyway, I have written, re-written, trashed and started over on this post so many times.  I just am not going be be able to articulate the way I'm thinking and feeling about everything that's going on.  It really does feel like we're livin' on the edge

So, I guess that's my ramblig musing for now.

With love,

~Chicken Little