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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Happy New Year Lucky 2011

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  We really enjoyed having a couple of weeks off.  But now it's back to work, for us both.  I'm starting my new insurance job tomorrow.  A new year.  A new beginning.  I guess.  

I'm glad to see 2010 go.  It saw the end of lots of stuff for me.  The end of radiation treatment. The end of Herceptin infusions. The end of "active treatment". The end of wearing wigs & do-rags on my head daily.  And I said goodbye to my "Little Alien Buddy" mediport.  And yes, I've taken it out of my purse & put it away.

They say that the number 11 is lucky.  Lucky Number 11.  I hope that's the case for me in 2011.  I try not to look too far ahead into the future.  Cause it kinda makes me have a bit of a freak out.  I have another flurry of medical appointments spread out between February & March.  And yeah, when I think about them, I feel just sick to my stomach.  WHEN will I feel totally confident that all will be well?? I mean, some days, I'm totally confident.  But the day of the chest Xray....probably not so much.  

Ok, so really don't have much to say, just kinda wanted to say Happy New Year & just fill y'all in on what's on my mind.  

And to also wonder....anybody even readin this stuff?

Hello Jager! Like my fake ponytail?


Paula said...

Yeah, somebody is reading. :) Your breast cancer buddy, paula. have a great New year!

LunaTechChick said...

Thanks Paula! Happy New Year! =)