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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dem Bones

So I got a note in the mail from the Endocrinologist  Dr F the other day.  Said "Vitamin D is normal.  Calcium is normal.  Thyroid is normal."  And I shoulda been satisfied with that...(SO wish I had been).  But noooooo, I gotta make phone calls..."but why or what about the bone deterioration?  The osteopenia in the hips??"  And here we go with skeery skeery stuff.  Again.  Dr F calls me.  Apparently, upon another look, my bloodwork shows a certain protein is suppressed.  PTH Related Protein.  Can be caused by calcium supplementation.  Well, yeah, I do take a good calcium supplement.  And upon discovering the osteopenia, I upped the dose, on Dr F's recommendation.  So he asks me if I was taking a calcium supplement at the time of the bloodwork.  Yep.  Ahhh, that could be it.  But then he said the two skeery words.  "I want you to get a BONE SCAN."  WTF???

Me: Ok, are you telling me that when this protein appears suppressed it's indicative of bone metastasis?
Dr F: Well yeah, but it could also be Calcuim
Me:  Well, you know I'm taking 2 Citrical, so why the bone scan?
Dr F: Well, the level of's just lower than I'm comfortable chalking up to calcium supplementation.
Me: FUCK!!!!

Yeah, I'm mildly freaked out.

All the docs agree. Get the bone scan to "rule that out." But the fabulous surgeon, Dr V, who knows me SO very well, knew I was totally freaked the fuck out.  See, Dr F called him & Dr W both.  All agree.  But Dr V called me to say that I should not freak out.  This is probably nothing.  Just get the bone scan so "we all can put our minds at ease." Fine.  I guess.

So, had the damned bone scan.  And now we wait.  I was hoping to get results same day, as Dr W was going to have his nurse inform the hospital that he needed the results immediately.  And I even called his office & let his nurse know when the scan was done.  But he hasn't called.  And now we're into the weekend, so I'm guessing it will be Monday.

Monday, Monday...Nothing like waiting on a phone call to find out whether or not you have cancer. Again.  

The tech that ran the scan "can't read the results" but winked & told me to "have a GREAT weekend."  

Will let you know what we find out.

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