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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look What I Can Do!

YAY! Look at what I can now do!  This is right at 21 months post chemo.  I still need to get the chemo fuzz trimmed off, but trying to hold out till that damned top layer gets below my jaw....seems like I still have a couple of inches to go.  Maybe I'll have a real 'do by Christmas!

What else is goin on.....hmmm.....well, I keep on gettin crappy cancer news from my friends.  Have I mentioned lately how much I fuckin HATE fuckin cancer? FUCK!  Anyway, yeah, another person at my insurance office job has a recent diagnosis & a surgery next week.  My other friend at the office is in the process of gettin a second opinion from a new oncologist to find out WTF is goin on.  And then there's this.   And this.  Normally I L O V E to read this awesome lady's posts. And she's even encouraged me in my "battle of the bullshit" as she calls it, through emails & Facebook & stuff.   But these latest 2 posts, tellin of her recent diagnosis of Stage IV distant spread to the bones?  Yeah.  Gutted to learn this.  It just seems like every time I get a bit of good news about my cancer situation, I learn of someone else that I care about gettin bad news about theirs.  I mean, my insurance office job is very small.  And now, 50% of the staff have/had cancer.  And I'm supposed to remain positive.  Right. 

But this most recent visit with my awesome surgeon Dr V, was more like catchin up with a friend.  Well, ok, maybe not exactly like that, but I wasn't all kind of freaked out for a change.  In fact, we were sharin stories & doin a lot of laughin through the exam.  So, that was one medical visit I actually enjoyed.  Well, except for the exam part.

And the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor is all over the news.  And it's a reminder to me, because he passed away on the day of my biopsy.  So hearin all about what happened & all just is makin me sick & sad.  Sad for the loss of such an icon & really awesome entertainer, & sick cause it does conjure up those feelings again...the awful dreaded feelin of waiting to find out if you have cancer.

So anyway, wow, this post is all over the place.  But that's me lately.


Sandra Davis said...

Hey my Kimberly, LOVE your posts..all of them. They are so you. I don't always have time to respond or comment immediately--but I ALWAYS read and enjoy. Your hair looks fabulous and you do too! I'm so hoping we get to visit each other either here or there soon. Hugs to you and Allen. Love you, Mom

Unknown said...

Beautiful hair. So happy you are doing well. My mom is a cancer survivor... doctors gave her a few years OVER 30 YEARS AGO! Me and my siblings were little so we didn't understand what was going on. Now, I hate to see what she goes through when someone she knows is diagnosed or loses the fight. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

LunaTechChick said...

Hey Kimberly!! Thanks for checkin on me! I'm slowly gettin back into the 'cano on the Tweety...Yes, it pretty well sucks to get bad news bout a friend...or to hear of someone who's Stage & Grade of bc is identical to mine, get that Stage IV to the bones news...which is the case with the lovely LL....just gutted....but I have to remain focused on the positive...everyone is different. So glad your mom kicked cancer's @ss! I hope to be a 30+ year survivor as well. =)