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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life In The Fast Lane...

Surely make you lose your mind.  Yeah.  Somebody had DEFINITELY lost their damn mind.  The other night, O & I were on the way home from the store...I was driving.  And as I turned off this one road onto the long & winding road that leads to our house (I know...sorry! lol), I checked my rear view mirror & noticed this dude, in a white pickup, like totally on my ass!  I'm not talkin bout just tailgating, or followin too closely....I mean, this truck was so close that you couldn't even see the end of his hood! I was all like, DOOD! Seriously???? 

Now, this is a very curvy, 2 lane road with a 50 MPH speed limit.  And I was probably doin 55....& the guy just stays right up on us.  Dangerously close.  We approached our neighborhood, but the guy was so close, I couldn't even slow down to make the turn.  And kinda didn't want to anyway, cause this guy obviously had a problem.  O was like "This is bullshit! I'm callin 9-1-1!"  And he did & was tellin the dispatcher what was happening & where we were located & the direction we were goin & stuff.  And she told us an officer would be along to intercept the situation & did we want to speak to the officer after he made the stop.  Well YEAH, we totally wanna talk to the officer!  

So we're still flyin down the road, guy on my ass, O on the phone & I'm really startin to feel chased down at this point. And then as we drove past this side street, the cop whipped out & jumped behind the jerk in the truck & got him pulled over at a park.  So I flipped the car around to go back to the park to ID the guy & speak to the officer.  When we pulled into the park, there were 2 squad cars there & they were dealin with the asshole driver.  Officer came over & spoke to O, & apparently, the guy had no driver's license.  And I think he said somethin bout the guy was goin to jail, so there musta been other stuff with this guy, cause I don't think they arrest you for drivin without a license. 

So anyway....that was our bit of excitement to kick off the New Year.  After we got home, I was trippin out at what had just happened.  I'm so glad I wasn't by myself in the car.  It really was a very dangerous situation that could have ended in a terrible wreck.  I'm just glad the cops showed up when they did.

And ever since then, as I was mullin over ideas for this blog post, I've had the stupid song "Eastbound & Down" (although we were westbound lol) stuck in my head, cause it kinda felt like we were in a Smokey & The Bandit movie.  Thank you for your assistance Buford T Justice! LOL!


Karen Ann said...

I just hate that... and am glad someone finally got justice! We've had horrible snow (and ice)here and have the same kind of drivers. Just cuz you have 4-wheel-drive doesn't mean you have 4-wheel-stop! Some guy on the freeway got stopped and wanted to know what for "I wasn't speeding". Well yeah dude you were... in these conditions 60 mph is too damn fast... he was told by the state trooper that 35 mph was appropriate. Don't know if he got a ticket... it was on the news. Glad you're safe & sound at home.

LunaTechChick said...

Hey Karen Ann! Yeah, that's why I pretty much try not to even drive at all when it's icy or snowin...people are just effin crazy! Hope that guy got a ticket for drivin too fast for conditions.