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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Feel The Earth...Move...Under My Feet....

So we were just hangin out on the sofa, watchin TV & the stuff on the fireplace mantle started shaking & the sofa itself just suddenly moved. Like a jolting kinda sudden movement.  And I thought, damn, what the fuck was that? 

So I asked O, "Did you feel that?" 
O: "No...what?"
Me: "You totally didn't feel the couch move & hear that stuff rattle on the mantle???"
O: "Nope." 

He was very into the TV at the moment.  I thought to myself, wonder if that was an earthquake?  Should have said it out loud, cause about an hour later O says while lookin at his BlackBerry, "Yep, says here Channel 8 said we just had an earthquake!"  I was all like "I KNEW IT! I Totally knew that was an earthquake!!"  It was small, 2.7, but still...was totally freaky!

Another freaky thing happend last week.  Our little friend Godzilla is back! He's gotten bigger! And he didn't mind us gettin up close & personal...O took a bunch of pictures of him & some video too. 

So that's about it for now....Just pretty much wanted to tell y'all we felt an earthquake & had a visit from our little friend Godzilla.

And lookin forward to Halloween. 


Karen Van Horn said...

I know how freaky earthquakes are. We had one here years back, I had taken the boys to McDonald's. Not only did I feel the floor move and roll under my feet, I looked outside and the whole parking lot rolled! Weirdest thing ever!

LunaTechChick said...

This was so small. If I ever felt one large enough fir the ground to roll I think I'd totally flip out! Thanks for readin & commentin! =)